George Soros Puppet MasterGeorge Soros, born in Hungary, August 12, 1930 is a billionaire financier and leftist propagandist for globalization. Born a jew, at the age of 14 Soros helped the Nazi’s confiscate land — A time in his life which he described as the ‘happiest time of my life.’  — This man is a dangerous left wing megalomaniac.  He is a man who finds power to be alluring, to him power should not be questioned, per his rhetoric towards helping Nazis in his 60 minutes interview. Wealthy leftists such as George Soros disguise themselves as humanitarians when in reality he is a eugenics advocating, ecofascist, propagandist trying to bring in a new world currency, and destroy the currency of nations while doing so.

Soros puts billions towards leftist propaganda,  whether it be the progressive lunatics over at ThinkProgress  or the lunatics over at Media Matters, Soros is a financial backer.  This man uses the generous guise of leftism as a means to wage war on those he disagrees with.  He funds groups who promote “La Raza” or “The Race” yet he also funds groups claiming America is overflowing with racism while he promoting the eugenics oriented planned parenthood which 35% of its abortions on the black community(Blacks make up only 12% of Americas population).  This man is a king of divide and conquer techniques and manipulates the left to be used as his minions to bring about change in the form of making him richer.  Socialism breeds wealth for the wealthy while pretending to be helping the poor — A notion many leftists will never understand.

 A Short List Of Organizations Receiving Funds From Soros

Brookings Institution, Interfaith, liberal Catholic, planned parenthood, American Federation of Teachers, American Immigration Council ,Aspen Institute, Pro Publica, Huffington Post,  Earthjustice, National Public Radio, Catholics for Choice,Center for Economic and Policy Research, Center for Responsible Lending, League of Young Voters, Open Society Institute, ACORN , National Immigration Law Center, Jewish Funds for Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center,, Media Matters, Presidential Climate Action Project, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, League of Women Voters

Front Groups Funded In Iowa Alone…

Iowa Association for Justice, Iowa Citizen Action Network, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Iowa Farmers Union, Iowa Planned Parenthood Affiliate League, Iowa Pride Network, Iowa Safe Schools, Justice Reform Consortium, Des Moines League of Women Voters of Iowa, Linn County Stonewall Democrats, Mason City Human Rights Commission, Methodist Federation for Social Action, Iowa Chapter, Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities, Davenport National Association of Social Workers, Iowa Chapter Northwest Iowa Labor Council, One Iowa, Ottumwa Human Rights Commission, Progressive Action For the Common Good, Teamsters Local 238, Teamsters Local 90, Trinity United Methodist Church, Des Moines, Unitarian Universalist Society of Iowa City

Soros Funded Media Outlets Reach 330 million people monthly

It gives him incredible influence. Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe. The U.S. Census estimates the population of the entire United States to be just less than 310 million.


Soros is a globalist who believes the United States should be held under international law.

“Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”

The Man Who Broke The Bank Of England

A day known as Black Wednesday, September 16, 1992  is the event when speculators broke the pound in Britain, Soros given credit as “the man who broke the bank of England.”  It of course was a scheme the government was complicit in, as the government wanted to devalue their currency. The events transpiring on Black Wednesday forced the British government to pull the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros  short sold 10 billion worth of currency, making him over a billion dollars garnering him a reputation as a premier currency speculator.

Radical Environmentalism

George Soros like many wealthy environmentalists speak out against the evils of pollution while he himself in his business endeavors adds to the very same pollution he speaks out against —  Elitists of this magnitude think it is wrong for others to pollute but view themselves as exempt from the need to not pollute. Soros is also a part owner of Apex Silver Mines which tears up ecologically sensitive lands in Bolivia for profit — Environmental groups Soros funds oppose mining, yet he profits from it — The idea here is, Soros uses environmentalists to attack his competition, making business more difficult.  Progressive environmental regulations have their roots in cartels using those regulations as a method to rid of their competition. The mining business  Soros is part owner of is also registered in the Cayman Islands as a way of evading Bolivian taxes, taxes that would go to help the poor, something Soros also claims the rich should do.  The hypocrisy and downright lies from this leftist propagandist is astounding.

Environmental Groups Soros Funds

Earthjustice, Green For All, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Alliance for Climate Protection, Friends of the Earth, and the Earth Island Institute.

Soros Wants To Destroy The Dollar, Bring About A Financial New World Order, and New Global Currency

Soros Wants Carbon Taxes

So he can profit from them…

Supports UN Gun Control

George Soros is financing the fight to give the United Nations control of your guns.

Through his Media Matters organization, Soros is dumping pro-UN gun control propaganda into the mainstream media to coincide with the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty being held in New York July 2–27.

In a blog post published on July 3, Timothy Johnson of Media Matters describes the notion that the United Nations would ever try to take away the right of Americans to keep and bear arms “laughable.”


It is typically regarded as ridiculous to claim chemicals can cause someone to engage in homosexuality — That claim is not meant to be taken as absolute, in terms of everyone who takes ‘chemical x’ will turn gay  —  It means if you pump a general population full of endocrine disruptors, there is a possibility of say a male becoming more feminine — That in itself does not make someone gay.  The problem lyes in the pussification and feminization of males, which we are witnessing in our society, just look around.  Take for instance the ‘emo’ fad — Emo has existed for a while — The number of people dressing up and parading around as ‘emo’ skyrocketed a few years ago —  Emo was always the bottom of the barrel in the underground scene, it just was —  People used to mock emo and disregard it, then it suddenly saw a sharp increase in those wanting to play emo and wear purses — Emo went from underground to mainstream pop culture.

Is this soley because we are consuming endocrine disruptors? Just like with anything, it is a variety of factors — Propaganda being another.  Masculinity is regarded as a flagrant wrong doing by much of society while acting more feminine will get you an idiotic round of applause — It’s quite bizarre.

These drugs and chemicals are not entering peoples brains screaming “have gay sex right now!” In a person who is not homosexual, gay sex is regarded as rather disgusting —  There are chemicals in some of  these drugs can  alter your brain to enjoy things once found disgusting.  It is not the chemicals ‘turning people gay’ it is the chemicals altering people’s brains and hormones.

Man Says Parkinson’s Drug Made Him Addicted to Gambling and Gay Sex

Didier Jambart, 51, of Nantes, France, is suing the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, claiming the drug he took to treat his Parkinson’s symptomsRequip, turned him into a gambling and gay sex addict.

The married father of two said he blew through his family’s savings and even took to stealing to finance his online gambling habit, the French Press Agency reported. He also became addicted to gay sex and risky sexual encounters that led to him being raped, his lawyers said.

Parkinson’s disease destroys neurons deep within the brain that release the “feel-good” neurotransmitter dopamine. Requip belongs to a class of drugs called dopamine agonists that relieve motor symptoms, such as shaking, stiffness, slowness and trouble balancing, by activating dopamine receptors. But the drugs have side effects that, while rare, are serious.

Air Force Considered Gay ‘Love Bomb’ Against Enemies

WASHINGTON –  The Air Force on Tuesday confirmed a report that in 1994 a military researcher requested $7.5 million to develop a non-lethal “love bomb” that would chemically alter the state of mind of enemy troops and make them want to have sex with each other rather than fight.

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Brief Background

(scroll down below to skip the brief background to view current news reports related to Fukushima)

There has been a great deal of information on the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in Japan.  This page will act as a guide in documenting the more recent material in regards to this disaster —  The severity of the disaster has been downplayed by Japanese officials and other foreign governing bodies alike.  Many people died from the initial onslaught of the tsunami, but concurrently other disasters are taking place like the continuation of radiation leaking from the Fukushima site.  Governments, official reports, and mainstream media are currently downplaying the affect Fukushima is having on the environment, food supplies, health of populations affected, the ocean and marine life.

The Fukushima Nuclear disaster occurred when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohuku bombarded the ocean waters causing a massive tsunami.  The Tohuko earthquake was the fifth most powerful on earth since 1900(since modern records), and the most powerful earthquake to strike Japan.  The tsunami waves generated from the Tohuku earthquake reached heights of over 130 feet and stretched 6 miles inland in some parts of Japan — It was a full blown disaster with the earthquake/tsunami combination alone.

Enter the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility.

Fukushima Meltdown

NPA of Japan confirmed over 15,000 deaths, more than 2,500 missing and countless injured, more than 4 million had no working electricity — The horrors of Japan would only be beginning, as the tsunami struck the Fukushima nuclear power plant triggering a level 7 meltdown measured by the INES — Only the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 in Ukraine has been rated with a level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale  in terms of severity.  Chernobyl was regarded as the defacto nuclear meltdown example. In 25 years time there has been over 1 million deaths resulting from the meltdown in Chernobyl and Fukushima’s meltdown  is considered to be a greater hazard (which is downplayed by the media.)

Three reactors experienced a level 7 meltdown and it was discovered through investigations these meltdowns were the result of man made error and negligence per the  Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission.

THE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI of March 11, 2011 were natural disasters of a magnitude that shocked the entire world. Although triggered by these cataclysmic events, the subsequent accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cannot be regarded as a natural disaster.  It was profoundly a man made disaster. -Official Report Of The Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission

Affected Area immediately after meltdown
Fukushima Radiation Immediately after meltdown

Where radiation is now

Fukushima Daiichi Meltdown Map


 Unnatural amounts of radiation being detected off coast of San Francisco (video below)

An amateur video of a Geiger counter showing what appear to be high radiation levels at a Coastside beach has drawn the attention of local, state and federal public health officials. Since being posted last week, the short video has galvanized public concerns that radioactive material could be landing on the local coastline after traveling from Japan as a result of the 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors.

Video below puts Fukushima into perspective

Recent News Reports

Fukushima radiation reaches 8 times govt standards 1/11/2014
Nuclear radiation at the boundaries of the stricken Fukushima power plant has now reached 8 times government safety guidelines, TEPCO has said. The firm has been struggling to contain radioactive leaks at Fukushima since the onset over the crisis in 2011.

The problem with the news coming out of the troubled complex is that the operating company TEPCO, the Japanese government and international agencies are not being completely forthcoming.

Fukushima Meltdowns: A Global Conspiracy of Denial 1/5/2014
Does anyone in authority anywhere tell the truth about Fukushima? 

Fukushima Workers Use Duct Tape to “Stop” Radiation Leaks 1/6/2014
A Japanese worker who spent six months at the Fukushima nuclear power plant says that he isn’t surprised about the latest radioactive leaks from the plant because of its shoddy construction and repair work, including the use of duct tape to “fix” key equipment.

Missouri Snow Found to Contain Radiation DOUBLE Normal Amount 1/6/2014
Readings taken from snow blanketing St. Louis, Missouri contains double the normal radiation amount, once again stoking concerns that the ongoing Fukushima crisis is now firmly impacting areas of America.

130 ‘radioactive’ Japanese cars banned from entering Russia 1/5/2014
More than 130 used cars from Japan were denied access to Russia last year as consumer watchdog agency Rospotrebnadzor remains concerned about the contaminated water leaks at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Did NSA conceal Fukushima meltdown from U.S. responders? 12/26/2014
(Washington Times) More than 50 U.S. Navy sailors who served aboard ships that responded to the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan report falling ill to cancer and other radiation-linked diseases.

Damage To Environmental Life

Scientists in Mexico's Laguna Ojo de Liebre, discovered the dead gray whale calves, believed to have been miscarried as a result of their disability.

Defying Japan, Rancher Saves Fukushima’s Radioactive Cows 1/11/2013 Angered by what he considers the Japanese government’s attempts to sweep away the inconvenient truths of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Masami Yoshizawa has moved back to his ranch in the radioactive no-man’s land surrounding the devastated plant. 

Scientists Discover Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Dying Near West Coast 1/7/2014
Following continued news of disturbing sea life occurrences off the West Coast, scientists in Northern Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre, formerly known as Scammon’s Lagoon, have discovered what appears to be the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale calves.

‘Melting’ Starfish Along West Coast Prompts Fukushima Fears 1/29/2013
Scientists are attempting to find out why one species of starfish is literally melting in the waters off of Washington state and Canada.

Radiation? Seals, Sea Lions, Polar Bears, Bald Eagles, Sea Stars, Turtles, King and Sockeye Salmon, Herring, Anchovies and Sardines In The Western Part of North America All Suffering Mysterious Diseases At the Same Time 1/31/2013
We’ve previous documented that seals, sea lions, polar bears, sea stars, turtles, sockeye salmon, herring, anchovies and sardines on the West Coast of North America are all suffering mysterious diseases … which are killing many.

‘Fukushima fish ends in garbage’: Radioactive fears blight Japan’s seafood industry 1/25/2013
“Most of the fish caught within the 30 kilometer radius is thrown into the garbage because it is radiated. And TEPCO is paying to local fishermen for it, so that they’re happy and keep silent on that. Some of it though makes it to stores, but only locally,” economist Hirokai Kurosaki revealed to RT.

Is Fukushima Radiation Causing the Epidemic of Dead and Starving Sea Lions In California? 3/31/2013
At island rookeries off the Southern California coast, 45 percent of the pups born in June have died, said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle. Normally, less than one-third of the pups would die.

BREAKING… Fukushima Disaster Leaves Hundreds of Whales Radiated to Death 9-13
<National Report> On August 31st, four days ago the National Report ran the story… Fukushima Crisis Escalates Tons of Radioactive Waste Released into the Pacific Causes Ocean to Boil.. Since then we have been taking calls and emails from people all over the world wanting to confirm our story. 

More In-depth Reports

Putting Fukushima In Perspective

JPmorganTerrorismBernie Madoff,  former wallstreet stockbroker arrested in 2008 for his multi billion dollar ponzi scheme was not the only one aware of his massive fraud — JPmorgan was also aware  and has agreed to pay $2 billion in fines to avoid prosecution and further investigation into their role of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme.  It was just in September when JPmogan was fined $13 billion for their role in the 2008 financial collapse via fraudulent mortgage backed securities.

Bernie Madoff is typically regarded as pulling of the biggest financial scam in American history, but as Washington’s Blog illustrates below, Bernie Madoff is small potatoes.  One has to wonder why committing fraud on the scale Madoff did gets him thrown in jail, but the fraud committed by the banks if always given a slap on the wrist accompanies with some petty fine —  But not only are the banks involved in financial fraud, but also funding terrorism, laundering drug money, rigging interest rates — Just to name a few….

List Of Recent Illicit Acts Committed By The Banks (Courtesy of Washington’s Blog)

  • Engaging in mafia-style big-rigging fraud against local governments. See thisthis and this
  • Shaving money off of virtually every pension transaction they handled over the course of decades, stealing collectively billions of dollars from pensions worldwide. Details hereherehereherehere,herehereherehereherehere and here
  • Pledging the same mortgage multiple times to different buyers. See thisthisthisthis and this. This would be like selling your car, and collecting money from 10 different buyers for the same car
  • Committing massive fraud in an $800 trillion dollar market which effects everything from mortgages, student loans, small business loans and city financing
  • Pushing investments which they knew were terrible, and then betting against the same investments to make money for themselves. See thisthisthisthis and this
  • Engaging in unlawful “Wash Trades” to manipulate asset prices. See thisthis and this
  • Bribing and bullying ratings agencies to inflate ratings on their risky investments


Source: CBS

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Dogs are quite particular about where they choose to relieve themselves — not only do they defecate in direction with the north-south axis, but they also are sensitive to slight changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.

A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology finds that a wide range of canines preferred to “excrete with the body being aligned along the north-south axis” under “calm magnetic field conditions.” The nearly 37 breeds of dogs studied were found to completely avoid urination or defecation along an east-west direction.

The study is the first time that magnetic sensitivity was proven in dogs, although previous research has shown that many mammals “spontaneously align their body axis” with Earth’s magnetic field in a diverse range of behavioral contexts.

The eruption of a “supervolcano” hundreds of times more powerful than conventional volcanoes – with the potential to wipe out civilisation as we know it – is more likely than previously thought, a study has found.

An analysis of the molten rock within the dormant supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in the United States has revealed that an eruption is possible without any external trigger, scientists said.

Scientists previously believed many supervolcanic eruptions needed earthquakes to break open the Earth’s crust so magma could escape. But new research suggests that this can happen as a result of the build-up of pressure.

Supervolcanoes represent the second most globally cataclysmic event – next to an asteroid strike – and they have been responsible in the past for mass extinctions, long-term changes to the climate and shorter-term “volcanic winters” caused  by volcanic ash cutting out the sunlight.