Boystown Child Sex ProstitutionPedophilia, sexual rituals, exploitation, drugs, fraud, all covered in this hard hitting documentary about Boystown, an orphanage for troubled youth in rural Nebraska.  The documentary was set to air in 1994 — pressure from political forces prevented this documentary from airing on the discovery channel, which is why the word ‘banned’ is commonly seen in the title of the video — A copy of this important expose survived which in turn spread awareness to the heinous acts that took place at Boystown.

PART 15]


As the call boy ring affair dominated the cocktail gossip circuit in
Washington, another scandal, halfway across the country in the state
of Nebraska, peaked. Again this scandal knocked on the President's

A black Republican who had been a leader in organizing minority
support for the President's 1988 campaign and who proudly displayed 
a photo of himself and the President, arm in arm, in his Omaha home, 
was at the center of a sex and money scandal that continues to rock 
the Cornhusker state.

The scandal originated with the collapse of the minority-oriented
Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha, directed by Lawrence 
[LARRY] E. KING, Jr., a nationally influential black Republican who 
sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conven-
tions. King became the subject of the Nebraska Senate's investigation 
conducted by the specially created "Franklin Committee" to probe charges 
of embezzlement. In November 1988, King's offices were raided by the 
FBI and $40 million was discovered missing. Within weeks, the Nebraska
Senate, which initially opened the inquiry to find out where the money
had gone, instead found itself questioning young adults and teenagers
who said that they had been child prostitutes. Social workers and
state child-care administrators accused King of running a child prostitu-
tion ring. The charges grew, with the former police chief of Omaha, the 
publisher of the state's largest daily newspaper, and several other political 
associates of King, finding themselves accused of patronizing the child 
prostitution ring.

King is now serving a 15-year federal prison sentence for defrauding
the Omaha-based credit union. But the magazines "Avvenimenti" of Italy
and "Pronto" of Spain, among others, have charged that King's crimes
were more serious: that he ran a national child prostitution ring that
serviced the political and business elite of both Republican and Demo-
cratic parties. Child victims of King's operations charged him with 
participation in at least one SATANIC RITUAL MURDER of a child
several years ago. The "Washington Post", "New York Times", "Village
Voice" and "National Law Journal" covered the full range of accusations 
after the story broke in November of 1988. King's money machinations 
were also linked to the Iran-Contra affair, and some say that King provided 
the CIA with information garnered from his alleged activities as a "pimp" 
for the high and mighty.

"Pronto", the Barcelona-based, largest circulation weekly in Spain
with 4.5 million readers, reported that the Lawrence E. King child
prostitution scandal "appears to directly implicate politicos of the state 
of Nebraska and Washington, D.C. who are very close to the White
House and George Bush himself."