Dawn Of The Pop Star Mentality


Dawn Of The Pop Star Mentality

Lady Gaga rushed onto the pop culture scene with her first album “The Fame.”  She was everywhere — Television, radio, magazine — There was no escape.  She even became a widely referenced name among the baby boomers, as a telling sign how far her reach had become.

Flashing symbolism in her ignorant fans faces

Lady Gaga flashing Illuminati symbolism in her fans faces.

She initially played a blonde wig party girl character, but this gimmick was short-lived.  Quickly thereafter she became a ‘too cool for school’ gimmick with an ‘art’ twist.  The “Lady” was dropped from her title and she began referring to herself as just “GaGa.” Then of course there is the backmasking in her music, the occult symbolism on her costumes/her illuminati-slut hand gestures, and the promotion of her persona from a narcissist to a serial narcissist.

Lady GaGa is a textbook demonstration of what American culture(which has merged with pop culture) has become.  Her fans, and pop culture obsessed fans alike, have this belief they can be everything — They want to be the geek, the rockstar, the pop star, a homebody, a party girl, someone who is smart, someone who is dumb, someone who is nice, someone who is a bitch, someone who is serious, someone who can’t take anything seriously, someone who is bubbly, someone who is artsy….GaGa wants to make not only pop music, but ‘artsy’ pop music, and she wants to have a rockstar attitude while she does it.

You can’t be all those things in personality.  One can have multiple aspects to their Monarch Programming personality, but Lady GaGa and her fans want to be everything.  Of course there are times one may be in a more serious mood and later on in a relatively short time span be in a more joking mood — But that is mood, not personality.  Lady GaGa and her pop culture zombies have this belief in creating a persona that acts as a “personality” of all trades, in what amounts to mass-produced, mass targeted Monarch Programming.  This brand of Monarch programming does not cause the psychological trauma to its targets, rather it acknowledges such trauma is prevalent in society and exploits the already existing trauma.  The programming, which is brought in the form of pop culture, can be absorbed by the target through repeated messaging at which time influence will grow —  In a mass produced, mass targeted programming endeavor, others will become influenced as well, which will further reinforce the programming of others around them.  The trauma which Monarch programming relies on to accomplish its goal,  isn’t necessary to be exerted by the programmer, in this mass produced variation, — And I repeat, rather, it simply exploits psychological trauma as a common and wide spread occurrence in the subjects it is attempting to program. It also normalizes the negative feelings and emotions that come with psychological trauma and suggests the test subjects should revel in; and enjoy their trauma, and use it as an excuse engage in hedonism.  It also keeps the test subjects mind off dealing with the trauma they have experienced in their everyday lives by unconsciously suggesting their be layers of persona  added to the base personality to hide their ‘wear and tear’, which also decreases the chances that the subject will deal with the pain they’ve experienced, before self destruction occurs; and or,  A completion of the programming, at which point the subject; will not know who they really are; or who is the real personality among the many, they have begun wielding.

And not since Jackson has such a globally famous, white-hot pop star had such a rise and precipitous fall: “ARTPOP” is on track to lose $25 million for her label, Interscope, prompting ­rumors of imminent layoffs.

Source: New York Post

Well now Lady GaGa’s whole gimmick is running old with her zombified fans. What did she expect? She plays to an audience of dumbed down idiots who worship all things superficial while she tries to shove ‘art’ down their throats.  Calling an album “ARTPOP” does not make it art — It makes it a futile attempt to be something it is not. Everything about GaGa seems so forced — Rather then just organically playing a character, she tells her audience what character she is playing and what they are supposed to feel.  Of course with anything, be it Hollywood or music, a natural ego or persona is a must but the gagas’, and katy perrys’, keshas’ and all of these other pop culture filth personas take being in love with ones self to a whole new level — And it is promoted that all of society should be that way to be happy — There is a big difference between loving yourself and being in love with yourself — The latter obviously being narcissistic, the former being a natural ego which there is nothing wrong with.

  The Pop Culture Obsessed Zombies

Jay-Z fans Illuminati Symbols

Jay-Fans flashing illuminati symbolism in ignorance

It is not just the music, it is everything — It is as if people in society actually believe the characters actors play on television is something one should strive to be  — Something that is attainable in reality.  Well it isn’t, and those type of personas are just that – A persona.

The pop culture obsessed zombies of today’s society simply steal gimmicks from television and music, claim those gimmicks as their own and then begin promoting themselves as that.  Everything is a fad with these people. Anything not pop culture or some stupid will ferrel joke is regarded as ‘icky.’  As the IQ’s drop, the arrogance and narcissism of ones self goes up.  The ideals promoted by pop culture and eaten by millennials are that of cellphones, video games, ipods, pop music, creating personas, stealing language from black culture, being a party-er, being arrogant, being ignorant, being narcissistic — And they do it because it’s ‘what everyone else does.’  Liberalism promotes individualism and free expression, until something opposes liberal values — The more liberal society becomes, the more collectivized — the more uniform people get.  One society, with one culture, and anything that differs from this status-quo  is either stolen then paraded around as the new fad or it is regarded culturally heresy — All the while these same collectivists claim free expression is as strong as it’s ever been while individualism dwindles into oblivion.

The bullied have become the bullies — The offensive have become the offended — Those who made fun of dungeons and dragons now play fantasy football.  American culture has become one giant omelet of shit.  Even though these pop culture sensations are regarded as irrelevant, society gets its personas, way of speak, style, politics, recommendations, from those very same pop culture icons they disregard as irrelevant.  All things popular have taken a grip on society and whats worse is many people deny it has happened.  Once upon a time people used to joke about those pharmaceutical commercials that would offer a cure/treatment for an illness. The reason jokes came from people watching those commercials, is the drugs being advertised also come with a long list of side effects, some of which were even worse then original illness the patient was taking the medication for in the first place! That time of laughter and common sense is no more — After being hammered with propaganda making the general population feel it needs to be medicated to be healthy and happy, more and more people have given in to such crap, as more people give in, it influences others to give in.  70% of all of America is now on prescription drugs — The only ones laughing now are the Pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to the likes of Lady GaGA( and the fools who eat her gimmick as authentic and try and recreate it ) people think they can be the bubbly popstar, the emotional bohemian, and the bad attitude driven rockstar, the caring human rights advocate, the ‘gangster’, the anti-religious individual who denies the existence of a higher power who also does yoga and believes in karma/spirituality while promoting ‘new age’ philosophies in uniform with society — The attempt to be all of those things makes an individual none of those things but rather makes them a condescending bullshitter with a socially engineered personality which claims individualism and free thought, but gets such ideals from a unified pop culture take over.