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What would readers think if I provided an admission in writing from a medical doctor as to a reason why the medical profession should consider administering flu vaccines?

What would readers think if one of three reasons for doctors giving flu shots is “the financial health” of a medical practice?

One MD, who also is a speaker for Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and Sanofi-Pasteur – all vaccine makers, says,

 Giving influenza vaccine is also good for the financial health of your practice.

That candid remark, made in writing, came from Richard Lander, MD, and was published in the article “Influenza vaccination makes sense for everyone” on Healio Pediatrics webpage about Infectious Diseases in Children. –

Readers will note that the article was published in January of 2013, plus there could be added financial rewards a year later due to vaccine price and medical service fees increases.

Guess how much the vaccine administration fee is? According to Dr. Lander, it should range from $14 to $30.

Dr. Lander uses a hypothetical patient base of 2,000 and explains who may or may not receive the flu vaccine. He contends bottom line and revenue results are $14,000 to $30,000 from only 1,000 patients receiving the flu shot. However, Dr. Lander throws in a financial wild card regarding 100 patients, who called to get a flu shot and then end up scheduling a well visit. According to Lander, a doctor “should be generating an additional $10,000. Bottom line: $25,000 to $42,500, which is not bad.

Dr Jennifer Caudle was just on CNN newsroom claiming that the flu vaccine can not give someone the flu alleging that is merely a ‘myth.’  She wrote an article for CNN on December 17, now she is on television pushing this pharmaceutical propagandist nonsense.


Dr Jennifer Caudle of CNN defies all common sense by claiming flu vaccines can not cause a patient to get the flu.

Many fears have arose from vaccines due to the side effects and ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde, and Aluminum phosphate present in the vaccines.  This is all downplayed by the FDA and mainstream media — Anyone who brings up these obvious dangerous compounds found in vaccines are typically told to ‘sit down and shut up’ while accusations of being a ‘paranoid tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist’ are thrown about haphazardly.

We live in a time when pointing out mercury is dangerous to human health gets one called ‘paranoid’ and ‘a conspiracy theorist.’

Much of the dumbed down population also do not understand how evil the pharmaceutical companies are, they really believe BigPharma is their friend and works only to cure and treat disease —

Others simply don’t understand the history surrounding BigPharma or who they have working for them.

Nazi convicted mass murderers became executives for major U.S. chemical and pharmaceutical companies

Fritz ter Meer, found guilty of slavery and mass murder at Auschwitz, served only seven years in prison and became Chairman of the Board at Bayer in 1956. Still trust U.S. vaccines?

There of course are the many cases of the BigPharma being caught buying seats on panels who advise the FDA, who then advise these idiots like Dr Jennifer Caudle, who run over to CNN promoting this bought and paid for ‘science’ for vaccines.

Below is a quote from Jennifer Caudle’s article posted on CNN. One look at the highlighted section shows the absolute lunacy from these propaganda pushing hacks. She claims she got sick immediately after taking the flu vaccine but says the flu vaccine is not at fault.

1. ‘I don’t want the flu shot because I heard it will give me the flu

When I was a third-year medical student, I got the flu shot. Three days later, I came down with an epic flu-like illness that lasted for days! So I understand that this is the very reason why many think the flu shot causes the flu. But the truth is that the flu vaccine — the flu shot or nasal spray — cannot give you the flu.

So, what happened to me, you ask? Why did I get sick after getting the vaccine? There are a few possible reasons:

– It can actually take a couple of weeks for the body to become protected from influenza after getting vaccinated. So it is possible that I became infected during this time.

But regardless of why I ended up getting sick, it was not from the flu vaccine itself. It just doesn’t work that way. (I hope my patients are reading this.)

Whats in a flu vaccine?

The flu vaccines, contain -- The flu.

The flu vaccines, contain — The flu.

Flu vaccines contain the influenza virus, among the dangerous toxins such as mercury. I repeat, the flu vaccine contains the flu, yet the propagandists call it crazy to say the flu vaccine can give you the flu! They are insane! As from the article above with Dr Jennifer Caudle trying to disprove what she considers the myth surrounding flu vaccines giving patients the flu, she in that very same article said she got the flu after receiving the vaccine! Then she blames it on everything but the vaccine! These people have lost their damn minds.

Look at this propaganda below, it is from what is regarded as a highly reputable source, WebMD.

Why? For one, injected flu vaccines only contain dead virus, and a dead virus is, well, dead: it can’t infect you.

Well for one, viruses are not considered ‘alive’ or living organisms so right from the start that article from WebMD is propaganda.  Flu vaccines contain damaged viruses, not ‘dead’ — To claim injecting someone with a flu vaccine which contains the flu, can not get someone sick is; Off the wall lunacy and propaganda — It defies any and all common sense! How can these doctors lie like this?  We’ll as illustrated above, the ‘science’ these stooge doctors push is bought and paid for by BigPharma.

Here is another example of someone getting the flu vaccine, then immediately getting sick thereafter;  But yes, common sense and observations people do get sick after taking the vaccine is nothing but “conspiracy theory”, so says BigPharma and the propagandists who push their agenda.


MSM loves promoting dangerous drugs while telling consumers to stop taking supplements

Mainstream Media is currently running a series of hit pieces of Nutritional supplements — Every so often this occurs with some idiotic study claiming something once thought to be good is now called bad, and it always seems to benefit BigPharma —  Some of the biggest sponsors  for these television networks is the Pharmaceutical companies in competition with the supplement industry —  Not only, because would be customers of BigPharma may take a more holistic approach to medicine, thus avoiding BigPharma’s drugs — But also taking nutritional supplements can aid in preventing future ailments, although no sane person claims supplements are a magic pill — But they can help better overall wellness, cognitive functions, general well being.

It has been 16 years since the Food and Drug Administration permitted drug companies to broadcast ads for their products. And according to The New York Times, big pharma now spends close to $5 billion annually on TV ads for prescription drugs, with $3 billion more going toward over-the-counter drugs.


Scare Tactics

The public is being thrown propaganda that supplement companies need to be regulated like Big Pharma.  The explanation given is that more regulations for supplements would be ‘safer’ for the consumer — That is merely a load of crap, as this is the cartel capitalists ( pharmaceutical companies )finding their angle to put many of those supplement companies out of business as well as make business more difficult for any that are able to survive.  More regulations = Increase of cost of doing business = The consumer has to pay more for the supplements, which will lead to many of these supplement companies bankrupting.

In the U.S. we now have the perfection of cloaked crony capitalism: corporate cartels use their vast concentrations of capital and revenue to buy the political leverage needed to write regulations specifically designed to eliminate competition.


artist: alexander982

Recall that the most profitable business model is a monopoly or cartel protected from competition by the coercive Central State. Imposing complex regulations on small business competitors effectively cripples an entire class competitors, but does so in “stealth mode”–after all, more regulations are a “good thing” (especially to credulous Liberals) which “protect the public” (and every politico loves claiming his/her new raft of regulations will “protect the public.”)


It’s all a game

BigPharma wants to hurt the supplement industry, they then use highly suspicious ‘science.'( bought and paid for ) the scientists release their corrupted findings, the media is then urged by BigPharma to then promote nutritional supplements as dangerous, the media willingly obliges as stated above they spend over 5 billion a year on advertising on those television networks.

The media loves to use the old cliche phrase ” Supplements are not FDA approved.” Well in the last post I made I had a link to an article from the Washington Post showing BigPharma buys seats on panels advising the FDA.  The FDA has allowed a plethora of dangerous drugs onto the markets, which means while the FDA regulates pharmaceutical drugs a pattern has appeared where dangerous drugs continue to make it on the market. What is the point of the FDA than?

The point of the FDA

Assist the cartels.  It’s that easy — Mainly by making business more difficult on existing or new businesses through regulations thus eliminating competition. The FDA of course can not promote its self as this, so it does what government always does — Tells you it is for your safety. It’s not.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started out as a bulwark against snake-oil peddling. It has since swung back and forth between hostility and subservience to the drug industry. The FDA seems indifferent to the many deaths its own intransigence has caused and imperious when forced to defend its actions in court, resulting in a system that withholds life-saving drugs from the market, approves dangerous drugs, and denies everyone freedom of choice. The time has come to seriously consider abolishing the FDA.


Keep on taking your vitamins if you want, don’t let MSM decide for you, but as always make sure you research what you are taking as well as the company you are purchasing from — Many companies use the words “proprietary blend” as way of under dosing ingredients, some companies employee bad business practices, but that is present in ALL industry, not just the supplement industry.  MSM overhypes the public into believing there is something more to fear, when a situation arises of, say for instance, a weight loss drug causing living damage — That is not grounds to stop taking all supplements, and that doesn’t mean all supplements are bad — It means BigPharma is putting out their propaganda to hurt other industries in competition with them, and as always MSM complies with their request.


Top 8 supplements you should be taking

  1. 1 Vitamin D
  2. 2. Omega 3’s
  3. Probiotics
  4. Zinc
  5. Selenium
  6. Superfood greens
  7. Magnesium
  8. CoQ10


That is 8 supplements you can take, all of which have shown to assist with a slightly better quality of life(for instance many taking ZMA notice better sleep)  It will not turn you into a superhuman, but supplements can aid in small things ( like ZMA helping people sleep better, plus it’s inexpensive ) — There is no magic pill, and anyone who says otherwise probably works for a pharmaceutical company peddling dangerous drugs for profit.

Also you do not need to limit yourself to just taking some of the supplements on that list, there is a variety in the marketplace that are very good for varying reasons — That is just one list, you will see other lists that differ from the list Mike Adams at Natural News gave — As always do your own research and know the companies you are buying from — Taking supplements is common sense really, contrary to how scary the mainstream media pressitutes try to make it out to be.