tyrantobamaThe United States sent Hellfire missiles, drones, helicopters, to Iraq to combat Al Qaeda’s presence –Meanwhile the United States was just recently caught sending weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria.  Does anyone else see how absolutely insane this is? Sending weapons to Iraq to combat Al Qaeda but they send weapons to Syria to strengthen Al Qaeda.  I am amazed how the general population in America still doesn’t see how contradicting this all this —  Saying the United States uses Al Qaeda as a method of destabilization to extract wealth is regarded as ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy’ yet here we have yet another example(of many) of this ever present truth showing its ugly face once again. This is also coming from the same president who won elections on the premise of ‘ending the wars”, notably in Iraq.

So in short, the United States is sending weapons to Iraq to combat Al Qaeda, but knowingly sent weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria…I believe this is one of those moments where someone would say “Hello! McFly! Is anyone home!?!”

Source: RT

An anti-drone motion was passed by Yemen’s parliament on Sunday, banning drone attacks. The symbolic vote comes amid growing anger against US unmanned aircrafts used to kill off Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. Concerns for civilians are also on the rise.

“Members of parliament voted to stop what drones are doing in Yemeni airspace, stressing the importance of preserving innocent civilian lives against any attack and maintaining Yemeni sovereignty,” SABA news agency reported.

The non-binding motion needs to be approved by the president in order to have any political weight. At the moment, the motions passed by the Yemeni parliament are seen as no more than recommendations to the government, Reuters stressed.

Washington has recently increased the intensity of drone strikes in Yemen in an offensive against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), despite widespread criticism sparked by the fact that strikes are far from “surgical.”