Amazing Stories - Global WarmingThis is typical of the global warming ecofascists, and leftists alike.  They promote themselves as believers of free expression until someone disagrees with them, then they censor you. In my post found here, I show many concerns have been raised as to the legitimacy of ‘global warming’ as the science that purports this fear mongering is proven either highly exaggerated, or simply based off flat out lies/fraud.

The ice caps are not melted, the polar bears are not extinct so now it is time or the ecofascists to put their hands over their ears and press the ban button on anyone who shows evidence of global warming being a sham.

“About a year ago, we moderators became increasingly stringent with deniers,” Reddit content editor Nathan Allen wrote in grist. “When a potentially controversial submission was posted, a warning would be issued stating the rules for comments (most importantly that your comment isn’t a conspiracy theory) and advising that further violations of the rules could result in the commenter being banned from the forum.”

Time-Global-CoolingThe whole ‘global warming’ crap is merely a scare tactic used by Cartel Capitalists to eliminate competition by scaring the public into a frenzy, while the public is supposed to demand stiffer regulations on businesses, like carbon taxes for instance, which government loves as this increases tax revenue — And multi nationals love it because it makes business more difficult on their competition.  The politicians will sometimes write loopholes for their friends in the multi nationals, which is even better.   In the 1970’s ‘global cooling’ was the scare tactic used to make claims ‘mainbearpig’s’ evil twin, the cooling version, was to destroy the planet — Fear, protests, increases in taxes…. Nothing changed, the planet did not blow up from ManBearPig and it is not because the ecofascists stopped it.

There are also government jobs that depend on ‘global warming’ being real, as no ‘global warming’ — no need to give ‘global warming’ scientists any funding — There is much wealth to be extracted from people’s fear, ‘global warming’ is no different, or ‘climate change’ as the ecofascists like to refer to it as now — Referring to global warming as climate change is like referring to sex as herpes.  Time and time again statistics show the planet is not seeing an explosion in temperatures. All the science points that this entire thing as nothing but fear mongering for profit.  NOAA has even been caught cooking their books because the ‘science’ as the ecofascists love to regard it as, simply does not support their cause.  Al Gore warned us the ice caps would be melted by 2013, while we saw an increase of 29% in one year at the ice caps — Even with such data the progressive ecofascists still make excuses.

Progressives are not able to wrap their head around the ever present fact, science can manbearpigbe bought — Just ask Monsanto.  The roots of progressive environmental regulations are riddled with corruption. ‘Saving the environment’ is merely a disguise worn by the cartels to manipulate and exploit progressives, which makes environmentalists believe the planet will be blown up if they do not put on a cape and prevent it from happening. Essentially, the ecofascists do the work for the cartels, while not knowing they are doing it, nor aware it will be more costly for them without seeing a real change in the environment — It is as if the progressive environmentalists don’t care if they make the environment better, but rather feel like they did.  The global warming propaganda pulls on the emotions of a group of people(environmentalists) and exploits it — It tells them the polar bears will die, it tells them Santa Clause will have to cancel Christmas, it demonizes humanity and makes them believe human existence is evil — The propaganda then puts a time limit on how long till the planet is destroyed from global warming, or cooling, or whatever they chose to call it and when the clock runs out — When the planet is not blown up and the polar bears are not extinct — They change the name of the threat and do it all over again.

We have recently been treated with the coldest unofficial day on record of 135.8 degrees below zero.   For the first time in 100 years it snowed in Egypt. The radical environmentalists never take note but always make excuses when presented with it.  The environment should be taken care of, Human beings have made an impact in regards to pollution — We have toxified our waters, our soil, our food — Those are real problems, but spilling paint thinner in the ocean does not cause a massive wave of heat increases —  Overly using herbicides and pesticides is not warming the planet — The plastics in our oceans are not warming the planet — Mass producing genetically modified crops is not warming the planet — There are real problems in the environment and the environmentalists put forth the bulk of their energy into an environmental problem which isn’t even real.



Source: Corbett Report

Myth #1. The earth is warming!

On what time scale? 16 years? 2000 years? 10000 years? 420000 years? 65 million years? (Answer: None of the above)

Myth #2. This year was the hottest year ever!

Was that before or after NASA and the NOAA altered the temperature record to make recent years warmer?

Myth #3. 97% of scientists agree on global warming!

You mean 97% of 77 scientists in an unscientific online poll?

Myth #4. Sea levels are rising!

Yes…at a rate of 7 inches per century.

Myth #5. Hurricanes are increasing!

US landfalling hurricanes are at their lowest intensity in a century. (Bonus fact: Accumulated Cyclone Energy is at a 30 year low!)