Melissa Harris-Perry is yet another ‘social justice warrior’ behaving in the same manner of those she and her progressive brethren have deemed ‘racist, sexist, and bigoted.’

Progressives claim to be above bigotry yet we bear witness to their hateful bigoted commentary on a daily basis.

It is not bigoted to make bigoted comments towards someone of another political ideology, as this has become the progressives mantra.  They call for equality for all, except those they disagree with.

Below is a video of her crying and apologizing for her comments made towards the Romney family in regards to their adopted black grandson.

Had someone else did what she and her panel on MSNBC did, she would be publicly calling for their firing while trying to get the offender publicly shamed for life.

harris_romneyFirst Alec Baldwin, then Martin Bashir, now MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has made what some are calling offensive comments on air —  She mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson with her fellow progressive cronies.

It is astounding these progressives accuse everyone else of being racist, sexist, homophobic, insensitive, and ‘offensive’ while they engage in the very same behavior they pretend to speak out against.

Well take your medicine Mellissa, this outrage is based on a formula you scumbags at MSNBC have helped propagate through your constant accusations of others who disagree with progressivism of being ‘offensive’.

It is time to hold the progressives to the same standards they hold everyone else to, then maybe they will see how ridiculous they are — But of course they already know, they just use accusations of ‘racism’ ‘sexism’ in a modern day McCarthyism to try and silence those who oppose their political views and ideologies.


This is the same women who said children don’t belong to their parents but “the village.”  She is out of her damn mind, she is a lunatic! This is what you have come to expect from these authoritarian leftist scumbags.

Edward Snowden NSA whistleblower

Glenn Greenwald went on MSNBC discussing Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks Snowden provided Greenwald while working at the London Guardian.

Anchor Kristen Welker at MSNBC brought up how Greenwald has been defending Snowden on the leaks, which I don’t know why someone wouldn’t support Snowden for that — MSNBC said this, in such a way to accuse Snowden of not acting like a journalist by openly defending Snowden, claiming this gives Greenwald a bias.

THE AUDACITY of those fools at MSNBC to bring up a bias from Greenwald towards Snowden, while pretending they(MSNBC) has none — How can that women at MSNBC keep a straight face while she says that? MSNBC is nothing but State propaganda.

After Greenwald is asked the question on his bias by the MSNBC anchor, he brings up MSNBC’s bias towards obama, which the anchor dodges and denies. WHAT A JOKE!  These presstitute’s want to throw accusations out while dodging accusations they receive themselves, that are in fact relevant to the discussion Greenwald was having with Welker.

On a side note, Greenwald is not exactly the most trust worthy of journalists as he has only released 1% of what he was given from Snowden. There was also the revelation he is now working with Pierre Omidyar, owner of PayPal, who will now be putting up the venture capital for Greenwalds new media operation.  Omidyar is also an open anti-whistleblower, and owner of one the corporations in the Snowden leaks, which were found to be assisting the NSA in their surveillance programs.

Sibel Edmunds over at Boiling Frogs wrote an excellent expose on this found here

Source: InfoWars

White House front group Media Matters has vowed to target “alternative online outlets” as part of its new “strategic plan” to exert media influence in coordination with the Obama administration.

Claiming that its war with Fox News is over and that “to a large extent, we won” (despite polls showing Americans trust Fox News over any other mainstream network), Media Matters has finalized a blueprint which outlines a shift to focus on “new, increasingly influential targets, including Spanish-language media, social media streams, alternative online outlets and morning and entertainment sources.”

In other words, Media Matters, whose employees brag about writing MSNBC’s prime time content and attending strategy calls with Obama advisors on a weekly basis, will now turn its big guns on the likes of Infowars, Alex Jones and the Drudge Report.

Given how Media Matters’ supposed “victory” over Fox News has left Fox as the most trusted name amongst network media outlets, we welcome the attention. While grandstanding as some kind of bastion of credibility, Media Matters has failed to recognize that by aligning with an administration which recently hit record low approval figures, the operation has completely discredited itself.

Media Matters is the closest thing America has to actual state media. This organization is nothing less than a conduit for Obama administration spin doctors, who in turn set the talking points for the likes of MSNBC and CNN. This is why Media Matters’ attacks on Drudge and Infowars are about to intensify.

liberals still blame bushRachel Maddow,  progressive host of ‘The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC debuts her first column for the Washington Post — Of all the things for Maddow to write about she chooses to write up, the overly used and overly cliche “blame it on Bush” excuse leftists are obsessed with. Leftists use this “blame it on Bush” meme as a means to conceal what an utter failure obama and his policies are — To conceal what a complete hypocrite his administration is when it comes to bombing foreign countries.  “blame it on Bush” really just acts as a rationalization to how incompetent Obama and his administration have been shown to be.  Just today as I write this post 15 wedding party attendees were blown up in Yemen.   For what? The “war on terror?”  To spread some good ol’ American Democracy via bombs just like Bush?  Because that’s what these leftists do, they support policies that kill people in the name of “spreading democracy” until a representative of a different ideology calls for it.  Bush bombs countries and Leftists protest it, Obama bombs Libya and the leftists celebrate it, because the bombs were given an ok to be dropped from their cult leader obama, so it must be ok.

George W. Bush was a scumbag and a tyrant — I will never argue against anyone who makes such  claim, as it’s true — He was a lying, war mongering, neoconservative puppet of the Military Industrial Complex. But so is Obama, without the Neoconservative part —  Rather, the problem I have is when people who call Bush a scumbag, turn around  in the same sentence and support, say, bombing Libya or Syria to spread some good ol’ democracy from Obama. Whats the difference?  Many people are aware these wars are illicit and act as a mean to pursue wealth for the Oligarchs in a game of politics.

Look at this gem from Maddow’s column:

The collapse of national leadership prospects for the Republican Party is one of the greatest political failures and most important legacies of George W. Bush. Barack Obama looks less likely to repeat that fate,

Is she this oblivious to Obama’s approval ratings?  Progressives like Maddow put themselves in an ideological bubble — Reality is not welcome, delusions and propaganda rather is the progressives need.  The fact is their policies don’t work, and they can not fathom what they have written on paper does not work in the real world.

Does she neglect all the Democrats who are now fearing whether they will be re-elected due to all the problems plaguing obamacare?  Some Democrats backed off the national gun grab out of fear of being booted out of office.  His policies will surely hurt the democrats in the same same way Bush hurt the Republicans.  Bush being a scumbag does not make Obama not a scumbag — But that is the progressives logic, “blame it on Bush.”

Obama’s legacy will be  Monsanto Protection Act, NDAA 2012 provision, drone wars, bombing Libya through executive order,  trying to bomb Syria, lying about being against wallstreet – Then hiring wallstreet to work for him, rollout failure including leaving people vulnerable to having their identity stolen, Cronyism, gun grabbing/exploiting Sandy Hook, pissing off the Middle East even more then Bush did,  supporting further regulations on the internet which act to censor, IRS targeting, Operation Fast and Furious, the list goes on!

Where the hell has Rachel Maddow been? All the rachel maddow’s  of the world care about is speeches, because that’ss all Obama has done is give speeches.   These progressives do nothing but eat up White House talking points and their opinions, which they profess to be fact,  act as nothing but the shit from the propaganda they eat.  They are delusional and believe if the same exact policies come from “their guy” it must be ok because Progressives view themselves as morally superior and who are more ‘intelligent’ and ‘in tune’ then everyone else — Bullshit, progressives are insane and out of tune.


MSNBC BULLSHITMSNBC host Martin Bashir has resigned from the network over his comments in regards to Sarah Palin comparing US debt to slavery.  Bashir said, in typical progressive eloquence that Sarah Palin should be given the Derbys Dose for her comments on slavery.  Derbys Dose was created by Thomas Thistlewood, a Jamaican slave owner who would have slaves deemed insubordinate be beaten and a substance causing stinging like lime juice would be applied to the wounds.  Another slave would then shit in the mouth of the slave being tortured -The Slave was forced to keep the feces in his/her mouth for hours.   Martin Bashir essentially said someone should shit in Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Bashirs comments to me are not ‘offensive’ –   The story for me, was never Bashir made ‘offensive comments’, but rather he is of a television network and political ideology that is always trying to get others ‘shamed’ or even fired for making ‘offensive and insensitive’ comments.  Sarah Palin is not exactly a wonderful representation of the right, especially the tea party, she is rather dopey, but the comments Bashir made come from the same network; the same political ideology – That is always claiming anyone who makes ‘offensive’ remarks towards women must be a  misogynist.

This Bashir story was never about what he said but where what he said came from; MSNBC and hardline leftism. Bashir has resigneed, but you don’t really see much outrage from the left on this, it is more of an embarrassment for MSNBC.  Which brings me to my next point, the progressives in America don’t care about womens right or sensitivity or fighting for equality – The bulk of progressives just use equality, accusations of misogyny, being  a bully, and so on when they disagree with someone.  They exploit women’s rights, they exploit gay rights, they exploit racism to use as a argument accusation insult – “If you don’t agree with me you must be racist so everything you said before and here after is to be dismissed.” 

This resignation comes after Martin made an on air apology. Personally I am not glad to see Bashir go, I don’t think he should lose his job over it, I really don’t much care about his comments, but again – The story was more about where the comments came from.  It is an issue of hypocrisy more then it is an issue of using ‘offensive language.’  The same can be said about Alec Baldwin who numerous times has been viewed using what the progressives deem racial slurs, gay slurs, hate speech against women – But it’s only ‘offensive’  if someone not elitist and not of their political ideology says it – Being a progressive in hollywood gets one many free passes by the same people who led a campaign against Don Imus.  How long did Don Imus get away with his ‘nappy headed hoe’ comment?  Imus was shamed by the left and public abroad for months for his ‘nappy headed hoe’  remark. Imus returned to radio months later.  Sources who worked with Baldwin at MSNBC said a large portion of his firing was due to the network being tired of his backstage antics and mistreatment of staff – His remark to the photographer “cocksucking fag” was just the last straw for MSNBC, not to mention his ratings for “Up Late” were horrible.


The Obama administration is quick to celebrate the historic significance of just about every action it takes, but the White House is unlikely to embrace the claim that it’s the “most hostile” in U.S. history when it comes tofreedom of the press.

Nevertheless, that is precisely the charge being leveled by former White House reporter Bob Franken.

The talking heads at MSNBC where discussing complaints from photojournalists that the Obama administration is not allowing media photographers to take their own shots, while pushing photos from White House-approved photographers.

Source: bizpacreview