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Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of a handful of legislators who took a stand against the renewal of the National Defense Reauthorization Act this week by refusing to sign onto the legislation, which Cruz says still contains wording allowing President Obama to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens absent of due process.


“Just voted against NDAA because it does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected,” Cruz tweeted Thursday evening.

The legislation passed the Senate in an 84-15 vote late last Thursday night and “clears the Pentagon to spend $607 billion, including $527 billion in base funding and $80 billion for America’s global operations,” reports Defense News.

According to Cruz, the bill contains many provisions he supports and even introduced, including provisions requiring “an independent investigation into reports of religious discrimination against troops sharing their faith,” and one insisting on “Improved assistance for widows of troops killed in combat.”

However, the embattled senator, who earlier this year helped defeat an assault on gun rights and staged a 21-hour filibuster against the president’s namesake healthcare law, also stated in a press release that attempts to amend the bill for the betterment of due process rights were blocked.

Cruz said in a Facebook post Thursday:

Today I voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. I am deeply concerned that Congress still has not prohibited President Obama’s ability to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens arrested on American soil without trial or due process.

The Constitution does not allow President Obama, or any President, to apprehend an American citizen, arrested on U.S. soil, and detain these citizens indefinitely without a trial. When I ran for office, I promised the people of Texas I would oppose any National Defense Authorization Act that did not explicitly prohibit the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens. Although this legislation does contain several positive provisions that I support, it does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected.

I hope that next year the Senate and the House can come together in a bipartisan way to recognize the importance of our constitutional rights even in the face of ongoing terrorist threats and national security challenges. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Senate Armed Services Committee toward this common goal.

Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama Indefinite Detention Without Due Process Powers roll call

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Two weeks ago, Daphne Lee spoke against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in Clark County, NV.

Yesterday, the Clark County Commission passed her Anti-NDAA resolution 6-0. The resolution condemns the unconstitutional detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  and urges Nevada’s congressional delegation to take action to repeal those provisions.

PANDA (People Against the NDAA) explains the NDAA:

The 2012 NDAA was overwhelmingly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 31, 2011. The 2012 NDAA declared the United States a battlefield in the war on terror and two provisions, Sections 1021 & 1022, authorized the indefinite detention, without charge or trial, of any person, including American citizens, accused by the President of undefined “support” of terrorist activity or commission of a ‘belligerent act” and the application of the laws of war to U.S. soil.

Here is an excerpt of PANDA’s statement on Lee’s victory:

While PANDA does not support the specific language in the resolution, the effort and education that came out of this push has been tremendous.

In March, the Las Vegas City Council passed a joint resolution 5-2, sending it to the county before it could be implemented. From March to September, Daphne lobbied the County to take up the resolution and make it official. When it became obvious that the commission did not want to deal with the issue, she approached them at public comment and the commission forced her to wait 8 ½ hours before speaking her three minute piece.

The response was instant. The video of that speech went viral and generated over 150,000 views between two uploads. Libertarian icon Ron Paul interviewed her on his Ron Paul Channel. People from across the country poured out support in favor of the resolution. On December 3rd, when she brought the issue before the commission again, over 15 people joined her in support.

When the Commission decided to delay the resolution another two weeks, she turned up the pressure. An editorial was broadcast on the local news channel, activists across the state were rallied in support, and calls and emails flooded the Commission.

When she showed up this time, over 40 people showed in support. As PANDA Nevada’s Take Back Campaign Coordinator, she said:

“I am so proud today that I can say my home town stands on the side of liberty when she is tested. The Las Vegas City Council and Clark County Commission have courageously stepped up to voice dissent against these egregious provisions, and for that, I am grateful.”

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