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United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has associated the global response to government mass surveillance with the collective uproar that eventually helped cripple South Africa’s apartheid regime.

Pillay, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights and a South Africa native, said in an interview aired on Thursday that just as international pressure helped end apartheid in her home country, so must widespread condemnation of intrusive spying help boost online privacy rights. Pillay was the first non-white woman to serve as a High Court judge in South Africa.

“Combined and collective action by everybody can end serious violations of human rights,” she said in an interview with BBC Radio 4. “That experience inspires me to go on and address the issue of internet [privacy], which right now is extremely troubling because the revelations of surveillance have implications for human rights…People are really afraid that all their personal details are being used in violation of traditional national protections.”

Edward Snowden NSA whistleblower

Glenn Greenwald went on MSNBC discussing Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks Snowden provided Greenwald while working at the London Guardian.

Anchor Kristen Welker at MSNBC brought up how Greenwald has been defending Snowden on the leaks, which I don’t know why someone wouldn’t support Snowden for that — MSNBC said this, in such a way to accuse Snowden of not acting like a journalist by openly defending Snowden, claiming this gives Greenwald a bias.

THE AUDACITY of those fools at MSNBC to bring up a bias from Greenwald towards Snowden, while pretending they(MSNBC) has none — How can that women at MSNBC keep a straight face while she says that? MSNBC is nothing but State propaganda.

After Greenwald is asked the question on his bias by the MSNBC anchor, he brings up MSNBC’s bias towards obama, which the anchor dodges and denies. WHAT A JOKE!  These presstitute’s want to throw accusations out while dodging accusations they receive themselves, that are in fact relevant to the discussion Greenwald was having with Welker.

On a side note, Greenwald is not exactly the most trust worthy of journalists as he has only released 1% of what he was given from Snowden. There was also the revelation he is now working with Pierre Omidyar, owner of PayPal, who will now be putting up the venture capital for Greenwalds new media operation.  Omidyar is also an open anti-whistleblower, and owner of one the corporations in the Snowden leaks, which were found to be assisting the NSA in their surveillance programs.

Sibel Edmunds over at Boiling Frogs wrote an excellent expose on this found here

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The 50,000-pages of documents obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden contain extensive documentation of PayPal Corporation’s partnership and cooperation with the National Security Agency (NSA), according to three NSA veterans. To date, no information has been released as to the extent of the working relationship and cooperation between the two entities- NSA and PayPal Corporation. What’s more, the billionaire owner of PayPal Corporation has entered into a$250 Million business partnership with two journalists-Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, a journalist duo who possess the entire cache of evidence provided by Edward Snowden. Despite earlier pledges by the journalists in question, only one percent (1%) of Snowden’s documents has been released.

BFP was recently contacted by a retired NSA official who claims that the documents obtained by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden contain extensive documentation pertaining to NSA’s partnership with major U.S. financial institutions, including credit card companies and PayPal Corporation. The official, who requested anonymity, also alleges that a deal was made in early June, 2013 between the journalists involved in this recent NSA scandal and U.S. government officials, which was then sealed by secrecy and nondisclosure agreements by all parties involved.

Upon receiving this report BFP contacted three other high-level former NSA officials for additional information and comments.

On December 11, 2013 we contacted Mr. William Binney, a former top official at the National Security Agency (NSA), and asked him to comment on the legitimacy of the above report, and whether he had any knowledge of the partnership and cooperation between NSA and financial institutions such as PayPal. He confirmed the legitimacy of the report and added:

The NSA has had the cooperation of major financial institutions, including credit card companies, to obtain all financial transactions of these companies’ clients-international and domestic. Further, the NSA not only obtains and stores the financial data of Americans and foreigners, but it also shares them with other government agencies such as the FBI and DEA.

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Leaders in Israel — one of America’s closest allies—have for years been targeted in a surveillance operation waged by the United States’ National Security Agency, or NSA, according to files leaked by Edward Snowden.

Those documents reportedly also contain information suggesting that heads of international charities, foreign energy companies, United Nations officials and the vice president of the European Commission were targeted as well by either British or American spies.

The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel all reported on Friday that classified documents supplied to them by the former intelligence contractor contain details about, among other programs, a NSA operation that set its sights on the email account belonging to the office of an Israeli prime minister.

Snowden Not In top 10 google trends

Unconcerned citizens walking away from Snowden’s NSA spying revelations.

Edward Snowden did not make the top 10 for Google’s trends of 2013 — But Paul Walker’s death and the new Playsation 4 did….What a joke!  It just goes to show how dumbed down society is.  For years those regarded as ‘crazy conspiracy people’ have not only been saying, but providing evidence of the NSA’s spying grid — It was mocked and laughed at, then came Edward Snowden and people still don’t care — Many in the mainstream view Snowden as a traitor — James Wooley former CIA director has said Snowden should be hanged.  Similar sentiments have been repeated by John Bolton over at the neocon hub FOXNEWS.  These statist worshipers believe Snowden should be hung, but they give a free pass to an illicit government caught breaking the law? The NSA was spying on it’s own citizens not as a method for tracking possible terrorists, but to set up a 1984 styled police state grid —  Any claims made that the NSA was spying in the name of protecting American’s from ‘terrorists’ is pure propaganda and total bullshit, as the United States funds the very same terrorists it claims to be protecting Americans from.

This is a global list of top 10 searches, but the Boston Bombing makes the list, Paul Walker Makes the list, meaningless cell phones and gadgets make the list — Edward Snowden doesn’t make the list.

No wonder the NSA is spying on everyone —  It is spying on a society of idiots who just don’t care. What the hell is wrong with people — Why is it that most people don’t care?

Google Trends – Trending Top Trending, 2013, Global

1.Nelson Mandela
2.Paul Walker
3.iPhone 5s
4.Cory Monteith
5.Harlem Shake
6.Boston Marathon
7.Royal Baby
8.Samsung Galaxy S4
9.PlayStation 4
10.North Korea

Google Trends – Trending People, 2013, Global

1.Nelson Mandela
2.Paul Walker
3.Malala Yousafzai
4.James Gandolfini
5.Miley Cyrus
6.Oscar Pistorius
7.Jennifer Lawrence
8.Aaron Hernandez
9.Charlie Hunnam
10.Adrian Peterson

In unveiling new Edward Snowden revelations about NSA spying, the Washington Post has once again whitewashed the fact that the content of all our communications have been stored and analyzed under the Echelon program since the 1990′s.

The new details concern how, “The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world.”

However, the report reveals itself to be little more than an exercise in soft-peddling when it claims that, “The NSA does not target Americans’ location data by design, but the agency acquires a substantial amount of information on the whereabouts of domestic cellphones “incidentally.”

This notion that the NSA just accidentally happens to record the locations of Americans using data from their cellphones, and is not deliberately engaging in domestic surveillance, is yet another example of damage control by the establishment.

The new revelations once again pale in comparison to what we have known since the 90′s – that the NSA is deliberately storing the content of all our phone calls, emails and other data under the Echelon program.

In 1999, the Australian government admitted that they were part of an NSA-led global intercept and surveillance program called Echelon in alliance with the US and Britain that could listen to “every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission,” on the planet.

In addition, a 2001 European Parliament report stated that “within Europe all e-mail, telephone and fax communications are routinely intercepted” by the NSA.

As former NSA employee turned whistleblower William Binney has emphasized on multiple occasions, the space required to store mere metadata and not actual content of conversations is minimal.

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