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Next to have their jobs automated: airport-security screeners?

Aviation and government authorities are starting to use machines in lieu of people to verify the identities of fliers by scanning their faces, irises or fingerprints. Dozens of airports in Europe, Australia and the U.S. already employ such technology so passengers can pass immigration checks without showing identification to, or talking with, a person. Now, several major airports in Europe have started using these automated ID checks at security checkpoints and boarding gates.

The use of biometrics—computers verifying identities through physical characteristics—and other automated techniques in airport security is raising questions about the strengths of man versus machine in detecting potential terrorists. Industry officials argue the advantages outweigh the risks, and are promoting automation to help make air travel more efficient and less frustrating—and to save money.


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Every day hundreds of thousands of travelers are subjected to long lines and intrusive screenings by the Transportation Security Administration. Under the pretext of protecting Americans from terrorists the TSA, an agency which has never actually captured a terrorist in its ten year history, has spent billions of dollars on what they claim is a necessity in today’s dangerous world.

But with all the money being spent and a government control grid being implemented across the entire country, a cross-dressing fence jumper somehow managed to thwarta multi-million dollar  impenetrable external perimeter defense system at Newark airport.

The Port Authority’s pricy perimeter-protection system failed again Wednesday when it failed to detect that a man — dressed as woman — had hopped a fence at Newark Airport and wandered across two runways…

Newark’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System should have alerted officials to Bryant’s presence long before he took his turn on the runway — but the $300 million-plus system flunked.

“The [PIDS] cameras were operating and he was not detected by the PIDS system,” a source said.

He allegedly scaled the security fence and rambled unnoticed across two runways before trying to enter Terminal C, where he was confronted by a United Airlines worker, who called cops.

The PIDS system includes cameras that watch the airport’s outer fence, which is topped with barbed wire and lined with sensors to detect climbers. It remains unclear why Bryant was not spotted.

“The individual involved was arrested, checked against the [Joint Terrorism Task Force] and FBI watch list, issued a summons and released,” Koumoutsos said. “

“Everybody was called on the carpet about this, which is rather unfair, since they have no control over a substandard security system,” the source said.

“If the PIDS system worked, the police would have responded and rendered the assistance he needed.”

If the PIDS system worked?

A $300 million security system installed to protect Americans from the dastardly threat of homegrown and Al-Queda terrorists and it is substandard and not functioning?

So much for scrubbing granny’s wheelchair for explosive residue at the airport’s TSA checkpoint, when an intoxicated individual dressed in bright clothing can jump a fence and enter one of the busiest airports in America without being detected.

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Evan Booth tests out his Fragguccino bomb, made from a travel mug, lithium batteries and other everyday objects.

Evan Booth

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Evan Booth says he’s building bombs as a public service.

The 31-year-old North Carolinian doesn’t like to discuss politics. He’s not anti-government. He says he just wants people to be informed.

And with his videos of explosive devices and other weapons crafted from items available for purchase beyond the security checkpoint in airports making the rounds across the Internet, it seems he’s accomplishing his goal.

Last month Booth posted to YouTube about 10 videos of weapons he made, and they promptly went viral, sparking debates about security at airports on blogs, niche Web forums and even Russian television and British radio.

His most popular video, “Fragguccino,” shows Booth sitting cross-legged in a friend’s backyard in North Carolina, wearing a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, a jacket and a paintball mask. The video has an embedded timer in the corner to show how quickly he can build a bomb.

With the timer counting upward, Booth disassembles a lithium AA battery and puts the contents in a stainless-steel travel coffee mug. He pours some water in a condom, ties the condom to the inner top of the mug and wraps the contraption in a magazine. As the clock approaches the eight-minute mark, he chucks the coffee mug behind him. It falls to the ground, quietly hisses for about two seconds, then explodes.

The explosion is loud and small, but Booth points out that he used only one AA battery in his tests. With a few more batteries, the explosion could be larger, he said.

The video accumulated 360,051 views before YouTube took it down for violating its policy on depicting harmful activities. That’s frustrating, Booth said, insisting he’s just out to educate the public.

“I consider it research,” he said. “I want to make my research compelling enough to speak for me. People can draw their own conclusions, and I’m going to make it as difficult for you to draw the wrong one as possible.”

Another example of the TSA behaving like a bunch of out of touch, authoritarian goons with no common sense.  The St. Louis “agents”(more like glorified mall security) confiscated a toy gun from a womens stuffed monkey she was traveling with.  The agents claimed the miniature sized toy gun could be ‘confused’ as a real weapon — Phyllis May, owner of the stuffed monkey, owns a business making sock monkeys and was also questioned about sewing supplies present in her bags.

TSA like the sadistic authoritarians they are, threatened to call the police, which they never did, which means they got off to scaring the women by making her feel like she was a terrorist.  They agents were probably licking there lips watching the women in distress over the whole incident.  These TSA agents enjoy playing this game of “official business” where they play a real police officer.  These agents are an absolute joke and treat ordinary citizens like terrorists, meanwhile the very same terrorists the TSA was put into place for – Is funded by the same goverrnment who put the TSA into power

But the problem is: TSA hasn’t proven to be any more efficient than private contractors were before the creation of the special bureau. Instead, the U.S. spends about $7.9 billion a year to maintain an agency that is widely known for poor screening performances, mismanagementsecurity failures and somewhat suspicious investments.

Different private contractors whose only goal was to ensure the passengers’ safety once managed the service that TSA now offers. What was their incentive to do a great job? Making sure everyone is safe. Why? Because they would be out of business if a plane were to be hijacked or bombed. But what happens if the TSA fails? Absolutely nothing.

There’s not an alternative.

By all accounts, the TSA is a hassle to travelers and highly inefficient, mostly because the agency can afford to be inefficient. They have nobody to compete with so, should we abolish it?


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