Colorado man wins two $1M jackpots by playing same lottery numbers

A Colorado man known only as “Joe B.” is about to start living his best quarantine life, after winning two $1-million prizes in the lottery.

The resident of Pueblo, Colo., claimed his twin prizes in the Powerball lottery on Monday, after somehow waiting a month before presenting the tickets.

Joe bought several tickets in the Powerball lottery on March 25 at two different locations, according to a statement from the Colorado Lottery. He played his own string of numbers once at each store, and those numbers happened to be the winners for the Powerball’s US$1-million prize.

“Can you believe what amazing luck!” the Colorado Lottery wrote in its statement.

Joe’s winning ticket shows his twice-lucky numbers at the top of both entries: 5-9-27-39-42. He bought one in the morning and the other in the evening, the tickets show.

Joe showed up at the lottery office on Monday to claim his prize via the drive-thru window, which the Colorado Lottery opened due to the threat of the coronavirus.

The Colorado Lottery didn’t release Joe’s last name or age, but it sounds like the newly-minted multi-millionaire already has someone in his life to spend the money on.

When asked what he’ll do with his millions, Joe told a lottery staffer: “The boss has plans for it.”

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