Opinion | Drowning in Plastic Waste

To the Editor:

Re “The World’s Plastic Pileup Has Relatively Few Sources” (Business, May 19):

We are burying the planet in plastic. The plastic industry deliberately encourages our use of single-use plastic. Knowing that consumers prefer convenience, the industry has no incentive to provide alternatives. It knows that we will destroy our planet for a sandwich in a hermetically sealed single-use plastic container. What does it profit a person to gain a sandwich and lose the world?

We want to make good choices, but we also want takeout. Even when we reduce our use of plastic, there are some items that are designed as single-use plastic. But your article removed the veil.

You showed that the industry thrives by providing no viable alternatives. Without government regulation and consumer pressure, companies will bury us in single-use plastic, and our descendants will wonder how we allowed the destruction of our planet to occur.

Elizabeth Napp
Mount Kisco, N.Y.

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