Colorado labor department launches new dashboard for unemployment information

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on Friday launched a new online dashboard that provides the unemployed with information on computer system glitches that may affect payments, call center traffic, fraud holds and other problems that could impact benefits.

The dashboard is the result of mounting tension among the state’s unemployed after a troubled new computer system combined with federal delays in passing a second stimulus package caused hundreds of thousands of people to go almost two months without benefits. As those people’s debt piled up, they protested at labor department headquarters, fired off angry emails to political leaders and threatened lawsuits.

The dashboard on Friday reported that 270,958 people had been paid $866,836,166 in benefits since the labor department launched its new benefits system on Jan. 10.

The dashboard also lists common problems that unemployment claimants are experiencing and describes what the labor department is doing to fix them. For example, some people eligible to receive benefits for the week of Dec. 27 to Jan. 2 were denied because of a programming error, but the dashboard shows it was corrected on Tuesday.

The labor department also announced that it will host town hall meetings on Wednesday to talk about the new computer system, federal extended benefits programs and identify verification. To register for the virtual meetings, visit

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