Have you home educated your child during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK?

Are you a UK parent who has decided not to send your child back to school this term and decided to home educate? If so we’d like to hear from you.

More than a million young people in England could be missing formal full-time education, according to a new report from the Local Government Association.

LGA’s report says some councils have reported increases in home education registrations of more than 200% for September and October, compared to the same period last year. The sharp rise has been accounted for by parents choosing to home school children amid safety fears around coronavirus and pupils having to stay out of school and self-isolate.

Share your experiences

We’d like to hear from parents around the UK who’ve decided against sending their child back to school this autumn. What are your reasons for doing so? Or let us know if you’ve been forced self-isolate your child at home.

If you’re a teacher or head teacher, and have noticed a rise in home education this term, please get in touch to share your views.

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