Hey, Colorado college students. The Denver Post wants to hear from you

Hey! I’m Elizabeth Hernandez, a reporter with The Denver Post, and I cover all things college in Colorado. I was a first-generation college student and a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. I remember the nerves creeping in as I watched my parents pull away from the parking lot, dropping me off at an out-of-state college that I had never before visited.

I can’t imagine the anxiety, excitement and new experiences college students are facing now during this weird year.

I want to know what’s going on at your Colorado campus. Do you have any concerns? Are people following COVID-19 guidelines? How are you choosing to socialize? How is remote learning going? What’s working well for you? What about your campus are you sharing in your group chats with high school friends?

Help me report the news! If you don’t have a specific tip but are interested in being a source for a future story on how this year is unfolding, that works, too. Just let us know in the form below!

Added bonus: If any of you are interested in journalism, hit me up at @ehernandez on Twitter. I love talking to students about what I do.

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