‘An absolute disgrace’ Sunak’s constituency demands his resignation after partygate fine

Sunak: Richmond residents share thoughts on Chancellor

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Richmond (Yorks) constituency members have denounced the Chancellor and demanded his resignation after the Tory MP was fined for breaking lockdown restrictions. Constituents called Mr Sunak an “absolute disgrace” for his involvement in the ‘partygate’ scandal. Some residents detailed personal sacrifices and trauma suffered as they followed lockdown guidance, one claimed “we all lost people.” Chancellor Rishi Sunak has held the constituency seat for Richmond, North Yorkshire, since 2015 but recent revelations of his involvement in pandemic law-breaking have threatened his stronghold.

The population of Richmond, an area described as “a real strong Conservative seat,” discussed their political frustrations with GB News reporter Anna Riley.

“Sunak should go now,” said one angry constituent who called for the Chancellor’s immediate resignation.

Another distraught resident mourned the lockdown period where “we couldn’t see our people,” and explained her mother passed away during the pandemic.

The woman detailed how the Chancellor disregarded the struggles of his constituents and chose to “party on,” while she fought to arrange a funeral confined to strict covid limitations on attendance numbers.

Some residents took a more light-hearted approach to the ‘partygate’ controversy as one man quipped “they’ve done the crime, now they’re having to pay the fine.”

Despite the “unreserved apology” issued by the Chancellor, many residents remained outraged at Sunaks partygate “disgrace”.

Some constituents presented a more mixed opinion on the scandal surrounding their MP. 

One woman sympathised, “we all have parties when we shouldn’t,” and claimed the incident was “in the past” and should not be focused on.

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Other residents of Richmond shared her view, as one interviewee explained “there’s much bigger things” that should be the focus of UK politics.

Many defendants of the Chancellor have attempted to bury the partygate scandal by insisting the political focus remain on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

However, the constituency of Richmond has not been distracted from the actions of their representative as reporter Anna Riley highlighted there are “some real mixed opinions” within the region.

The partygate fine is the latest in a series of revelations condemning Chancellor Rishi Sunak as he was earlier criticised for holding a US green card and there was speculation he concealed his wife’s non-dom tax status.

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The Chancellor has issued an apology concerning the fixed penalty notice he received for breaking lockdown restrictions imposed to protect the UK from the spread of coronavirus.

The fine relates to a Downing Street gathering on 19th June 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s birthday.

A statement issued by the Chancellor following receipt of the fine explained he does “deeply regret the frustration and anger caused,” by his decision to breach lockdown laws.

Sunak offered “an unreserved apology” to the nation and promised he is “focused on delivering for the British people at this challenging time.”

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