Angela Rayner adamant Jeremy Corbyn would have sent missiles to Ukraine if Prime Minister

Angela Rayner discusses Corbyn’s reaction to Ukraine

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Angela Rayner dismissed suggestions Jeremy Corbyn would not have been an effective wartime leader if he had been in power during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. LBC presenter Andrew Marr challenged the deputy Labour leader, pointing out Mr Corbyn was well-known for his anti-war views. The debate arose after Ms Rayner rejected claims from Boris Johnson that Labour would “run up the white flag” with Russia.

Mr Marr said: “If it’s true – and it may well be true – that the Russians are in effect losing in this war, in this invasion, it is in part because of those anti-tank missiles that Boris Johnson and Ben Wallace had sent to Ukraine before the war even started.

“Are you really suggesting that a Corbyn government would have done that?”

Ms Rayner said: “We’re very clear that we would support and we would have given that.

“We’ve seen actually the government have not been doing anywhere near enough to ensure that refugees can come to the country.”

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She continued: “Jeremy Corbyn was very clear on his condemnation of Putin, long before it was popular to do that.

“We’ve seen pictures of the prime minister with Russian oligarchs, shaking the hands of President Putin, so I’d be very careful about that language.”\

Labour’s deputy leader added: “Keir Starmer has made it very clear our commitment to NATO.

“I think [Boris Johnson] is just playing fast and loose with his comments as he often does.”

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