Anti-Brexit campaigners to stage mass rallies urging Lefties to ‘wake up’

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Another Europe Is Possible, one of the groups which campaigned vociferously against Brexit, on Monday launched their latest drive against the government. Their new “Fight for the Future” will include social-distanced demonstrations this autumn.

The group has voiced concerns over a possible downgrading of food standards in a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal.

The group describes itself as “an alliance of Left-wingers and progressives fighting for an alternative to the politics of Brexit”.

A message posted on its website says: “You may not be interested in Brexit, but Brexit is interested in you.

“We are under attack.”

It goes on to list of examples which it claims are being attacked by the Conservative Government.

The group says it is strongly opposed to “a US trade deal which opens up the NHS to privatisation”.

The claim will sound familiar to Britons who last year witnessed a fierce battle for the national health service after Donald Trump claimed it would be “on the table” during trade negotiations.

He later backtracked to say it would not be included in a deal but many anti-Brexit campaigners continued to use the line to push their agenda.

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National organiser Michael Chessum told HuffPost UK: “The government is going to use the coming months to drive through unprecedented changes to our economy and society.

“With coronavirus dominating the headlines, Johnson is pressing ahead with US trade negotiations and has already announced plans to scrap social and environmental protections, as well as human rights.

“There is huge public opposition to economic deregulation and the lowering of food standards, but unless we build a big, loud opposition to what the Tories are planning, it could all happen very quickly.

“The left and the remains of the anti-Brexit movement need to wake up.”

His bid to rile up anti-Brexit campaigners once more comes as the ninth round of trade talks is due to this week kick off in Brussels.

Fisheries will play a major part in discussions between the UK’s and the bloc’s respective teams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Both sides will also set aside hours to talk about the so-called level playing field which the EU has called for to ensure fair competition.

On Friday chief negotiators David Frost and Michel Barnier will meet.

All eyes will be on the pair as they give their take on how the meetings went, as the Prime Minister’s mid-October deadline for a trade pact looms.

On Monday Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said the UK will continue to seek to resolve differences with the EU over legislation overriding the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

Following talks in Brussels, Mr Gove said: “We want to reach agreement in the joint committee, we want to make sure that the position of Northern Ireland is secure in the United Kingdom, we want to make sure the Withdrawal Agreement is implemented in full.

“But those clauses are there. They are in legislation supported by the House of Commons as a safety net if need be. And those clauses will remain in that Bill.”

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