Back off Joe! Boris urged to stop ‘pandering’ and tell Biden to ‘mind your own business’

COP26: Joe Biden arrives in Glasgow for climate summit

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Jayne Adye was speaking during a week in which Mr Biden visited the UK for the COP26 environmental summit in Glasgow. And the director of the Get Britain Out campaign suggested rather than “pandering” to the former Delaware Senator, the Prime Minister would be better off standing up to him and making a point about British sovereignty.

Ms Adye said: “Frankly, the willingness to kowtow to a foreign leader for a shred of their almost non-existent legitimacy, does nothing but make the UK appear to be weak on the world stage.

“Just as kowtowing to Joe Biden’s demands for a global minimum Corporation Tax, makes a mockery of the idea Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to be the leader of Global Britain on the world stage.”

Britain has not broken free from the “shackles” of the EU “only to accept being dictated to by a President who is failing to deliver on his own promises and can barely manage to run a press conference, let alone take charge as the supposed ‘Leader of the Free World’”, Ms Adye stressed.

If the shoe was on the other foot, the US would tell us to ‘mind our own business’

Jayne Adye

She said: “While President Biden may think Brits want to listen to what he has to say, the truth is – we couldn’t care less!

“If the shoe was on the other foot, the US would tell us to ‘mind our own business’.

“It’s about time Boris Johnson took the same approach with Biden.”

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Ms Adye added: “Boris has always wanted to be the most popular man in the room, but it’s about time he ended the pandering and took the task of re-establishing the UK on the world stage as an independent nation far more seriously.

“It’s an end goal which may not be to everyone’s liking, but the PM must be willing to ruffle some feathers if we are to avoid interference in our domestic affairs by foreign leaders.

“Ultimately, whether it’s Northern Ireland, fishing negotiations, our relationship with France or the European Commission – or any other matter, now or in the future, these are issues for the United Kingdom to resolve.

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“We will not be dictated to by those we did not elect.

She pointed out: “It is not as if the UK is anywhere near getting a trade deal with the United States in return for Boris’s lack of a backbone – not that such a deal would be worth selling off our Sovereignty for.

“But at least the UK would be getting something in return if this was the case.”

Mr Biden, who defeated Donald Trump in last year’s Presidential election, and who has Irish ancestry, has been outspoken on the subject of Northern Ireland.

Speaking at the White House in September, he said he felt “very strongly” about the protocol.

He explained: “We spent an enormous amount of time and effort, the United States, it was a major bipartisan effort made.

“And I would not at all like to see, nor I might add would many of my Republican colleagues like to see, a change in the Irish accords, the end result having a closed border in Ireland.”

The Northern Ireland Protocol is the mechanism agreed by the EU and the UK to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Arrangements are controversial because they effectively keep the north in the EU’s single market for goods which critics in the Unionist community claim amounts to a border down the Irish Sea.

Wrangling on the subject has characterised UK/EU relations since Brexit, and Mr Johnson is coming under increasing pressure to trigger Article 16, thereby suspending the arrangements.

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