Ban French companies over Macron’s latest ‘hissy fit’, furious Brits demand UK step up

France seizes British boat amidst Brexit fishing row

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Britain and France are at loggerheads over post-Brexit access to British waters. The UK recently approved 15 permits for small French fishing boats in UK waters, rejecting 32 applications in a move Paris called “unacceptable”.

France has responded by threatening to disrupt shipments across the Channel this winter, in plans that could ruin Christmas for a great number of Britons.

There have even been suggestions that France could cut off energy supplies to Jersey, which depends on the UK for its defence.

Speaking on RTL radio, France’s Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin, downplayed suggestions that electricity could be cut off altogether.

“But yes, we have some sanctions we could implement, especially on tariffs we could amend,” she added.

This could result in millions of Britons facing higher energy bills.

For many Britons, threats of new sanctions have marked the final straw.

“If the French carry out their threats then we should suspend [French state-backed] EDF’s licence to trade in the UK and every French fishermen’s license to fish in our waters for the duration of their hissy fit,” wrote ‘MaxTheCat’.

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“Now we are seeing the whole of the EU in their glory,” said ‘Wren4Jen’.

‘Justasking’ offered a more sobering warning to France, highlighting that this dispute will not end well if these tactics continue to be employed.

“Carry out your threats, the world is watching,” they wrote.

But it’s not just French officials who are facing criticism from Britons. The British Government also has questions to answer.

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Most importantly, how did we reach the point where France was able to issue such threats in the first place?

“We should never have allowed our public utilities to fall into foreign ownership,” ‘doingavictor’ commented.

“This is not hindsight but common sense.”

While the row rumbles, many Britons feel that French fisherman should lose their licences altogether.

“Boris should tell the French fishing fleet that any action against the UK will resort to them losing their fishing licences to fish in the UK’s waters permanently, then see what action they take against Macron for jeopardising their lively hoods over nothing other than to gain favour for his next election,” suggested ‘Pip 2’.

Failing that, we should “send those insulation maniacs to block their roads”, wrote ‘bobipie1’.

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