Boris Johnson hints Rishi Sunak has LOST Covid travel wars – refuses to cave to pressure

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Speaking on a visit to Stevenage today the Prime Minister appeared to shut down demands from Chancellor Rishi Sunak for a greater re-opening of international travel.

He said: “I understand that people care very much about their holidays, people want to go abroad.

“I understand how much people plan, prepare, for the summer holidays.

“But we have also got to remember this is still a dangerous virus and we must try and stop variants coming in, must stop importing variants from abroad, so we have to have a balanced approach.

Mr Johnson added he wanted international travel rules to be as “user-friendly as possible”.

The Cabinet is divided on how the UK should respond to the threats of coronavirus overseas.

While some ministers are worried re-opening international travel too quickly could lead to the import of a vaccine-resistant variant, others including the Chancellor want to see a relaxing of rules to help get the UK economy back on its feet.

Last week the Chancellor wrote to the Prime Minister warning the UK’s entry and exit rules are “out of step with our international competitors” and are hurting businesses.

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