Boris Johnson royally smacked down as Treasury shuts down talks of emergency budget

Boris Johnson ‘slapped down’ by Treasury says Rigby

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Boris Johnson hinted to Parliament that new economic policy would emerge in the next few days to address the financial crisis in the UK, claimed Beth Rigby. The political editor explained the statements of the Prime Minister were refuted by the Treasury who confirmed there would be no emergency measures to address inflation. She explained: “In the Commons today, what was really fascinating was when Keir Starmer pressed the Prime Minister on stagflation.

“That’s when you get high inflation and recession at the same time and for policymakers, it’s really difficult to deal with.”

The Sky News political editor said: “The Prime Minister said more help is coming in the next few days only to be royally smacked down by the Treasury who were very clear that there will be no emergency budget.

“One Government figure said to me that the Prime Minister was freelancing on his feet, that’s how they put it.

“It had to be corrected quite swiftly by Government figures from Number Ten and Number Eleven that there is no emergency budget as of yet.”

She added: “The Prime Minister is clearly feeling the pressure, which is why he said that in the Commons.”

“He knows that for all of the talk of levelling up the country or deregulating for economic growth, that is not going to help in the coming few months.

“It’s a really dicey time for him – making big promises today but can he deliver them?” Ms Rigby asked.

The political editor suggested Boris Johnson had failed to address the rising inflation rate across the country as the UK faces a growing cost of living crisis.

Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer heavily criticised the Tory government’s failure to secure the prosperous economy the party promised.

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The Labour Leader attacked the economic policy of Chancellor Rishi Sunak in his address to Parliament following the Queen’s speech.

“We have a Chancellor who thinks it would be silly to do anything different, a Chancellor who, rather than partner with businesses, has loaded them up with debt and wonders why they’re struggling to invest.

“A Chancellor who seems content to have the slowest growth of any G-20 country, bar one: Russia.

“A Chancellor whose legacy will be low growth, high inflation and high tax and with it, the diminishing of Britain’s living standards.”

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Boris Johonson defended his government’s approach to the country’s economic situation in his parliamentary address.

“We’re tackling the economic challenges with the best solution of all and that’s an ever growing number of high-wage, high-skilled jobs, Mr Speaker, jobs, jobs, jobs.

“We drive up employment by creating the right platform for businesses to invest.”

The Prime Minister highlighted the Conservative efforts in providing a furlough scheme during the pandemic and suggested the current economic situation related to the financial aftershocks of coronavirus.

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