Boris Johnson urged to walk away from EU over latest demands – ‘Pull the plug!’

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Ninety-eight percent of people polled on said the Prime Minister should scrap the negotiations and head for a no-deal Brexit on December 31. The survey comes after the EU insisted Britain agree to a “high degree of convergence” on data protection rules in any post-Brexit trade deal. The demand goes further than the negotiating mandate Michel Barnier was handed by the leaders of the 27 member states.

The mandate states the “envisaged partnership should affirm the Parties’ commitment to ensuring a high level of personal data protection”.

But Brussels has now insisted on a role for the European Court of Justice in overseeing future data sharing between the EU and Britain.

The demand has angered Brexiteers, many who voted in the exclusive survey and urged Boris to turn his back on the EU.

When asked if they thought the Prime Minister should walk away from the ongoing discussions aimed at striking a fair trade deal, 6,487 (98 percent) of the 6,631 participants said yes.

Only 115 (two percent) said no and just 29 voters said they didn’t know.

The poll ran on from 3.20pm to 10pm on Wednesday, June 24.

One person said: “We want no deal – that is what we voted for!”

A second wrote: “Walk away now and save at LEAST £6 billion.”

And yet another advised: “No more talking – just pull the plug.”

Others said the EU was deliberately trying to push the UK to see how far it would go on compromises.

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One person said the bloc was casting its net out “to see what we will fall for and give them maximum gain”.

They added: “If they wanted a fair deal it could be done.

“They have never given up on the punishment approach.

“Walk away and they will soon come running.”

One reader urged Boris to end the meetings but to avoid doing so on a sour note.

They said: “Shake Barnier’s hand, give him your card and tell him to call when he changes his mind.

“It is high time the UK moves on and away from the table Boris!”

The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost and his team have already rejected the idea of allowing the ECJ to have a say in domestic laws after Brexit.

Next month will see negotiations step up a notch when “intensified” meetings are held in a bid to bring about a breakthrough.

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