Boris Johnson warned there could be trouble if disgruntled MPs snubbed again

Boris Johnson's fate 'lies in his own hands' says Francois

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Boris Johnson has been hit with a wave of devastating polls in recent weeks, amid mounting speculation that the Prime Minister could be replaced by one of his own cabinet ministers. Conservative MP Mark Francois told GB News’ Nigel Farage that Boris Johnson’s fate “lies in his own hands”. Mr Farage questioned, “how much longer the Tories are going to put up with him”.

Mr Francois told Mr Farage that if Boris Johnson “doesn’t listen to the muttering below deck there could be trouble”.

When asked how long Mr Johnson could last as leader, Mr Francois diplomatically said: “That is ultimately in the hands of the electorate.”

Mr Farage pressed: “You’re eight points behind in the polls. Today’s decision on restrictions is a good one.

“But I was with two former Tory MPs today who said they hadn’t renewed their party subscriptions, they didn’t even recognise the party nowadays.”

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Mr Francois responded: “Boris’ fate lies in his own hands.

“If Boris listens to concerns of MPs and acts accordingly, he can lead us into the next election and win it. I genuinely believe that.

“If he doesn’t listen to the muttering below deck there could be trouble.

“It depends on Boris himself, on whether he would listen to advice, and whether he might get some difference advice in the future.”

Nigel Farage slams Conservative ‘old guard’ on GB News

A new overnight poll on ConservativeHome revealed that Boris Johnson had slumped to his lowest ever popularity rating among Tory members.

The PM is the most unpopular member of the current cabinet, per the survey, with a net approval score of minus 34 percent.

There is speculation that two of the cabinet ministers – Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss – are circling the leadership position.


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Paul Goodman, the editor of ConservativeHome, said: “The explanation? Parties, competence, Covid restrictions, Paterson, taxes and net-zero.”

A weekend poll, by Opinium and shared with the Guardian, found that Boris Johnson was “a significant drag on Tory fortunes” among voters.

The pollster found 39 percent intended to vote Labour at the next election, seven points ahead of the Conservatives on 32 percent.

When Mr Johnson’s name was specifically added to the question, Tory support dipped below 30 percent, and Labour’s lead increased to 12 percent.

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