Boris Johnson warning: Things dont look great as Tory MPs gear up for huge rebellion

Boris Johnson warned to 'not waste' his time in Government

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Former adviser to Boris Johnson Alex Crowley has warned that things “don’t look great” for the Prime Minister amid stirrings from disgruntled Conservative MPs. Mr Crowley has urged Mr Johnson to not become distracted with “vanity projects” and to secure a broad economic recovery for the country before the next General Election.

LBC host Nick Ferrari asked the former adviser to the PM: “Were I to ask you, Alex, to sniff the political wind.

“How sulphurous is the mood of rebellious conservatives?”

Mr Crowley responded: “I don’t think it’s great.

“I really don’t think it’s great, I think that there’s probably about 18 months until the next election. 

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“The massive question now is how is Boris and the Government going to use a majority the size of which that the Conservatives cannot expect to get again for a long time.

“Don’t waste it, you’ve got a little bit of time left.

“You either use it sensibly to try and get this country back to broad-based prosperity where most people can participate in it, or you wasted over the next 18 months.

“Going off on side projects and vanity projects, that’s the question.” 

Josh Buckland on Boris Johnson's future with tax and energy hikes

The warning comes days after ex-Downing Street adviser Josh Buckland has told LBC that the Prime Minister faces his “most critical tests” in the coming months as the Government is looking to get to grips with the rising cost of living.

LBC host Nick Ferrari discussed how damaging the double hit from rising taxes and energy prices would have on the Conservative Government at the next election. The warning comes as Mr Johnson continues to face pressure over sleaze claims and Covid restrictions.

Asked how a large a problem raising National Insurance would be, Mr Buckland told LBC: “I think it’s a problem and adds at a similar time where all the costs are going to come through in April, including for significant pressure on households.

“The challenge with the insurance rise is clearly the OM has put in a good big priority on something public services properly and clearly any delays that increase means the money have to find for somewhere else which puts further pressure on the fiscal position.

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He added: “We’ve basically been a pretty turbulent couple of months but I think it’s safe to say this could be the biggest test of the PM’s political future.

“Elections are so often won or lost or economic issues and the cost of living is the issue that hits home most.

“I think there is still time and clearly there is a little bit of time before April to take action,” he added. 

“But this could be the most critical test and this could be an issue that obviously emboldens the Labour Party at the next election, so whilst I still put the Conservatives as favourites for the next election, this could be the issue that shifts things.”

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