Brexit deal sell-out warning: Michel Barnier will get ‘everything he wants’ in fishing row

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib predicted a victory for the EU in regards to getting access to the UK’s fishing waters post-Brexit. During an interview with, Mr Habib claimed the EU and Michel Barnier will get what they want in the trade talks regarding fishing. He added that whatever Boris Johnson does agree, he will champion it as a victory despite the reality of the situation.

Mr Habib said: “I think the EU is going to get pretty much everything it wants.

“Boris Johnson will be giving them quotas.

“He may dress it up like he is not doing this but the EU would be getting quotas that satisfy France and the Dutch.”

Mr Habib also explained why the UK fishing waters are so sought after by European Union member states.

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He also highlighted why the UK would be losing out if it got similar access in a fishing trade deal.

He said: “Just to remind people, the UK’s fishing waters in Europe are the most fertile waters.

“If Boris does a deal where we get reciprocal rights to enter French waters that won’t be a fair deal for British fishermen.

“Their waters are nowhere near as good as ours and there is a reason why they are so desperate to hang on to our water.

“That is because the fish are all here, the fish are also under huge pressure to the kinds of fishing methods that the Dutch and French use.

“These massive trawlers electrocute all the fish in a given area and kill them indiscriminately, this has to stop.”

Mr Habib admitted he was aware some may view his comments as pessimistic but he insisted Boris Johnson would not keep his Brexit fishing promises.

He continued: “Sadly, I see that fishing promises that were made to the British people being broken.

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“The UK Government will dress it up and suggest it is only transitional.

“They will suggest that the waters will come back to us after a period of time and that we are getting reciprocal rights.

“There will be lots of reasons why Boris will champion whatever it is he does but actually the only thing that would be consistent with the promises that he made and would be right for the United Kingdom, would be for us to take back complete control of our fishing waters.”

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