Brexit LIVE: EU tears itself apart over Frosts demands – BLOOD on floor over ECJ call

David Frost: EU sometimes appear to 'not want' UK success

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Amid Lord Frost’s threats to use Article 16 of the Protocol, EU diplomats only signed off on a new raft of provisions on Monday following tense discussions. The new provisions, named as a “green lane” for certain goods such as British sausages, will be unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday evening by Maros Sefcovic. EU officials will then travel to London on Thursday for talks with Lord Frost and his team. 

Such was the massive climbdown from the EU, one diplomat claimed it had “left blood on the floor” within the bloc, Playbook reports. 

Although “national identity goods” will now be allowed in Northern Ireland, Lord Frost also called for the role of the European Court of Justice to be removed.

It is thought this element is a red line for Brussels and Mr Sefcovic. 

In his speech on Tuesday, Lord Frost warned: “We will obviously consider the EU proposals seriously, fully, and positively.

“But – I repeat – if we are going to get to a solution we must, collectively, deliver significant change.”


Lord Frost issues ultimatum

Lord Frost claimed there is little risk to any of the UK’s proposals regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. 

In his speech on Tuesday, he said: “What does it cost the EU to put a new protocol in place? As it seems to us, very little.

“There is no threat to the single market from what we are proposing. We are not asking to change arrangements within the EU in any way.

“We are not seeking to generalise special rules for Northern Ireland to any other aspect of our relationship.

“For the EU now to say that the protocol – drawn up in extreme haste in a time of great uncertainty – can never be improved upon, when it is so self-evidently causing such significant problems, would be a historic misjudgement.”

After tense negotiations within Brussels, the EU finally agreed to back down over its demands concerning chilled meat products. 

On Wednesday evening, vice-president of the Commission Maros Sefcovic will present new measures allowing products such as British sausages to enter Northern Ireland without being checked.

The move was signed off on Monday but left “blood on the floor” of the bloc, Playbook reports.

Mr Sefcovic and his team will now travel to London on Thursday for talks. 

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