Britons FURIOUS as ‘bitter’ Macron threatens energy blockade ‘showing his true colours!’

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Today Mr Macron threatened to launch a devastating energy embargo against Britain if Boris Johnson refuses to give in on fisheries after the Prime Minister claimed Brexit trade talks are “over”.

On Thursday, Mr Macron insisted French fishermen would “not be sacrificed” for the sake of a deal.

But if the UK leaves the EU without a deal in place then French fishermen could face being banned from British waters.

Mr Macron hinted the EU would launch a devastating energy embargo against the UK unless Mr Johnson gives in on fisheries.

During negotiations, fishing rights have been one of the main issues in discussions.

Under the controversial Commons Fisheries Policy (CFP), all member states are given access to EU waters via quotas.

As the UK has a large coastal area, critics have often argued the system is unfair.

But now Britons have lashed out at Mr Macron’s threats claiming the French President is “very bitter and desperate”.

One reader said on’s Facebook page: “Fish is an issue of sovereignty, energy is related to trade.

“If Mr Macron wants a trade war then that’s different.

“As far as I recall, the EU exports considerably more to the UK than the UK exports to the EU so they loose out again.”

A second reader said: “Showing their true colours now, so called allies when they need our help then shoot you in the back when its turned and we need a bit of helping hand.

“What goes around comes around.”

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Someone else simply claimed it was an “idle threat”.

A fourth person wrote: “Wow, they are getting desperate now.

“What happened to good friendly trade talks? Walk away and give them nothing.”

Another reader echoed: “This mad dog is sounding desperate especially in his desire to be a latter-day Napoleon.

“We can certainly help Macron achieve a degree of empathy with his alter ego particularly where the major defeat we inflicted on the French are concerned!

“Macron might have to learn the hard way.

“The British do not give in to threats!”

A sixth person said: “Just goes to show who your friends are.

“The French fishermen want all the access to British waters, not some.

“Our fishermen were slaughtered when we joined, they didn’t care about us.”

When announcing his threat, Mr Macron suggested the right to fish in British waters was worth €650 million to EU fishermen, but that access to European energy markets was worth up to £2.3billion (€2.5bn) to the UK.

RTÉ Europe Editor Tony Connelly noted: “They have tried to up the ante on fishing.

“They have been looking at energy and the fact that the UK still wants to access the Europe’s single energy market by selling their energy, and gas, and electricity into the European grid.

“That is something that is very valuable to the UK. Macron confirmed this in his press conference after the summit.

“So what they are saying is like for like. They are not saying that energy will suddenly be held hostage to get a deal on fisheries but it will be held hostage.

“There is definitely a linkage there.”

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