Brussels Brexit plot exposed: EU antagonising tensions to break up UK – MP attacks

Brexit: Barnier says things will be 'more difficult' for UK

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Despite the issues in Northern Ireland, Sir John Redwood claimed the EU is attempting to turn the country into a “full and permanent member” of its single market. While the Northern Ireland Protocol was created to stop the creation of the border in Ireland and retain Northern Ireland as part of the UK customs territory, the MP for Wokingham insisted Brussels was using the “extreme interpretations” of the Brexit deal. Such are the extreme measures the EU has taken, Sir John warned Boris Johnson has been too tolerant of Brussels.

Sir John wrote in his blog the Government should now move to ensure the UK’s own internal market.

He said: “The EU is now seeking to take the agreed proposition that the UK would work to ensure no goods that failed to conform to EU rules would find their way to the Republic from NI and turn it into the EU’s wish to make NI a full and permanent member of the EU single market to the exclusion of parts of its GB/NI trade.

“This was not agreed, and the loose language of the Protocol allows different interpretations.”

Lord David Frost, Mr Johnson’s Brexit minister, has also claimed the protocol needs alterations in order to maintain trade flows between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Lord Frost also revealed last week the UK has sent several proposals to the EU but is yet to hear a response.

Due to this, Sir John insisted the UK must now take matters into its own hands.

He added: “The UK government has been all too tolerant of the extreme interpretations the EU is trying to impose on the situation.

“The UK has put various ways of proceeding by agreement to the EU, always offering complete support for their stated aim of keeping certain non EU produce out of the EU.

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“The EU has also said it is concerned about relations between the communities of NI, yet its actions are designed to antagonise the Unionists be seeking to break some of their legitimate links to GB.

“It is time for the UK to make a further move to resolve the impasse by enforcing our internal market movements.”

The two sides agreed to the Northern Ireland protocol in order to maintain the Good Friday Agreement and prevent a border on the island of Ireland.

Due to the protocol, Northern Ireland was left in the EU’s single market while also being a part of the UK’s customs union.

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As a result, checks are required for goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Speaking last week, Lord Frost insisted the UK and EU must find a new balance for the relationship going forward.

Lord Frost also called for the EU to drop its ideological approach to the UK in order to ease tensions.

He said: “Their solution is ‘why don’t you adopt our rules, then there won’t be a problem’.

“We’re accused of being ideological but it seems to me, equally ideological to say ‘why don’t you just adopt our laws?'”

“It is a little tense at the moment. Nobody wants that but the protocol issues are at the core.

“There is a big prize if we can get this right, it does need both sides to take the situation seriously and fix the problems that currently exist.”

The EU has proposed a Swiss-style veterinary agreement which eliminates almost all checks on agri-food, livestock and meats.

The UK rejected this, however, as it would defeat elements of the reason behind the country’s departure from the bloc.

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