Brussels bullying sparks new Ukraine crisis as Hungary vetoes €50bn aid

Ursula von der Leyen addresses the European Defence Agency

Hungary has lashed out at attempts by the European Union to hand its money over to Ukraine as part of a punishment for not accepting Brussels rule over its domestic policies.

In a move that has appeared to further justify Brexit and Britain’s decision to leave the EU, the bloc’s €50bn funding package for Ukraine has been stopped by the Hungarian veto.

While Brussels sources and allies of European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen tried to portray the move by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban as a consequence of huim being a supporter of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, the truth has turned out to be different.

Mr Orban and Hungarian government sources have said that they have vetoed the package because of an ongoing attempt against the Eastern European country by the Brussels elite to try to bend it to their will.

Hungary is due €30bn from the EU as part of its membership of the bloc but Brussels has refused to hand it over.

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The money has been held back because Hungary has instituted a number of anti-woke policies such as not teaching LGBT issues in schools and giving parents a right to object.

The country has been told that it has to accept EU made laws instead and has been branded homophobic by the Brussels elite.

The money has been withheld after pressure form the European Parliament and, it has been claimed, this has been used as a means of scaring countries like Italy to comply to EU rules instead of domestic laws voted for by countries own parliaments.

Just recently, EU interference on a similar issue is believed to have helped narrowly swing the Polish election, where the conservative government lost and a coalition led by former European Council president Donald Tusk was installed.

In an interview about his decision to veto the aid, Mr Orban made it clear that he believed the EU was trying to give Ukraine Hungary’s money.

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He said: “The [European Council] summit participants wanted to make a decision on disbursing €50billion to Ukraine, a step Hungary could not support.

“I had to veto the transfer of this €50billion intended for Ukraine, as well as the associated budget amendment. They had no choice but to accept it.

“I made it clear that Hungarians would not pay the financial consequences of this decision. If necessary, Hungary will pull the handbrake. There should be no doubt about this.”

A source said that they believed it is “Hungary’s money” the EU is using.

Mr Orban also made it clear he would not bow to Brussels pressure on domestic law.

“The greatest treasure for any country is its independence, served by our constitutional systems,” he said.

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The aid package was agreed alongside the EU deciding to open accession talks with Ukraine.

However, Mr Orban has also warned he may block those too describing it as “a bad decision”.

Despite the Hungarian veto, EU leaders still plan to help Ukraine.

“I can assure you, Ukraine will not be left without support, there are different ways to do this,” Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas said, suggesting that a solution could be found by January, when an extraordinary summit would be held.

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