By-election results in full as Tories spared total whitewash but suffer two blow

Michael Gove warns by-elections will be difficult

Rishi Sunak escaped a triple by-election nightmare with the Tories hanging on to one of the three seats.

The Conservatives retained Boris Johnson’s former Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency.

But Labour won Selby and Ainsty in North Yorkshire and the Lib Dems took Somerton and Frome in Somerset, with both parties overturning majorities of around 20,000.

View the full results from the three by-elections below:

Uxbridge and South Ruislip – Tory hold

Steve Tuckwell (Conservative) – 13,965 votes (45.16 percent)

Danny Beales (Labour) – 13,470 votes (43.56 percent)

Sarah Green (Green) – 893 votes (2.89 percent)

Laurence Fox (Reclaim) – 714 votes (2.31 percent)

Blaise Baquiche (Lib Dem) – 526 votes (1.70 percent)

Conservative majority – 495 votes (1.60 percent)

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Selby and Ainsty – Labour gain from Conservatives

Keir Mather (Labour) – 16,456 votes (45.96 percent)

Claire Holmes (Conservative) – 12,295 votes (34.34 percent)

Arnold Warneken (Green) – 1,838 votes (5.13 percent)

Labour majority – 4,161 votes (11.62 percent)

Somerton and Frome – Lib Dem gain from independent

Sarah Dyke (Lib Dem) – 21,187 votes (54.62 percent)

Faye Purbrick (Conservative) – 10,179 votes (26.24 percent)

Martin Dimery (Green) – 3,944 votes (10.17 percent)

Bruce Evans (Reform) – 1,303 votes (3.36 percent)

Neil Guild (Labour) – 1,009 votes (2.60 percent)

Lib Dem majority – 11,008 votes (28.38 percent)

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