Calls for an inquiry into the BBC after it is fooled by famous Hamas actor

Lawyer ‘obliterates’ BBC News’ Israel war coverage live on air

The BBC is facing calls for an inquiry into its biassed reporting of the crisis in Israel and Gaza after it was accused of making another appalling error in its reporting.

The 6 o clock News tonight featured footage created for propaganda purposes with Hamas actor Saleh al-Jafarawi but was reported as fact.

This followed the BBC accepting the word of the Hamas ministry of health’s false claim that Israel had blown up a hospital when in fact it was the terrorist group itself which was responsible.

But even more concerning has been the BBC’s refusal to call Hamas terrorists, even though it is a proscribed terrorist organisation and began the conflict by slaughtering more than 1,400 Israeli citizens including burning children to death in the worst single day of killing Jews since the Holocaust.

Critics have described the BBC’s coverage as “instituionally antisemitic” but the Corporation has refused to apologise for its mistakes or change its coverage.

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Responding to the latest outrage, Nick Timothy, who is a Conservative parliamentary candidate but was Theresa May’s senior adviser in Downing Street, demanded a review of the BBC’s coverage.

He posted on X (formerly Twitter): “Literally anybody with a Twitter account knows this guy is a Hamas actor who participates in propaganda. And it still ends up on the 6pm news.

“There needs to be a serious review of the BBC coverage of events from 7 October onwards.”

Mr Timothy was responding to a Tweet by journalist Mark Higgie.

Higgie posted: “Tonight’s BBC 6pm news began coverage of Gaza news with a @BowenBBC report featuring the latest appearance of Hamas actor Saleh al-Jafarawi in what is obviously a piece of Hamas staged footage.

“BBC News amazingly seems not to be aware of who he is or that it’s being played.”

High Peaks MP Robert Largan said: “BBC is continuing to torch their hard earned reputation for impartiality & rigorous standards by their apparent eagerness to lazily reproduce Hamas propaganda.

“Something has gone seriously wrong at an editorial level. Upsetting see this happen to an institution I’ve long defended.”

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The BBC’s coverage has already become the target of Israeli comedy shows mocking its bias against their country and willingness to accept propaganda from Iraq.

Its coverage has not changed despite senior BBC journalists attending a screening of the brutal murders by Hamas on October 7.

Last month Director General Tim Davie met with Tory MPs in a meeting of the 1922 committee where he was met with a furious response over the Corporations “disappointing” coverage.

Senior ministers including Rishi Sunak have publicly criticised the BBC for its failure to describe Hamas as terrorists.

Meanwhile, the BBC’s highest paid presenter Gary Lineker has announced he will be joining anti-Isreal marchers even though the demonstrations have included people who support Hamas and glorified the acts of terror against Israel.

Last night, an audience member went uncorrected on BBC Question Time when he likened the Israelis to the Nazis suggesting their desire to wipe out the Hamas terrorist group was the same as Hitler’s Final Solution on the Jews. approached the BBC for a comment but have not yet received a response.

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