Chinese ‘tourist spy’ attempts to gatecrash meeting in heart of Commons.

Hong Kong democracy campaigners believe a Chinese spy ‘posing as tourist’ attempted to gatecrash an invitation-only meeting within the heart of the Houses of Parliament.

Campaigners claim the alleged espionage agent dodged high security around the Commons by pretending to be on a tour of the historic building.

Hong Kong dissidents Finn Lau and Christopher Mung were addressing a group of MPs and journalists in a briefing hosted by Conservative MP Tory MP Bob Seely on July 5.

The meeting was held in committee room 19, deep within the Commons and away from any routes for guided tourist tours.

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But it didn’t stop a mysterious man dressed as a tourist trying to enter the room, giving a name which was not on the guest list. He also refused to say what organisation he was representing.

Despite the seemingly low-budget spying attempt, activists attending the meeting from Hong Kong were concerned as the Communist Party of China (CCP) has previously carried out intimidation and threats against democracy campaigners for the former British colony.

Mr Seely, who is a member of the Commons foreign affairs committee, told the Mail Online: “If this was a Chinese Communist Party spy then it is yet another example of this regime’s cack-handed malign incompetence.

“It would be completely inappropriate for Beijing to send an operative to intimidate or record people inside a private parliamentary event.”

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Speaker Mr Lau was once beaten unconscious by CCP goons and told the newspaper he believed the man was an “informer”.

He said: “I believe this man was a CCP informer. This is one of the remotest committee rooms in Parliament. And it is on the top floor. It is not a coincidence that a random Chinese tourist was outside the room at the exact right time and was attempting to access the event.”

Mark Sabah, of the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong Foundation, said “CCP operatives” were known to try to regularly infiltrate meetings and gatherings in the UK critical of the “Beijing regime”.

This week it emerged a China-based hacking group had breached email accounts linked to government agencies in Western Europe, computer giant Microsoft said.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Microsoft said the group, which it identified as Storm-0558, focuses on acts such as espionage and data theft.

The group gained access to email accounts affecting about 25 organisations including government agencies and to accounts of individuals linked to these organisations, and had gone undetected for about a month until customers complained to Microsoft about abnormal mail activity.

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