‘Crossed the line’ Ferrari savages ‘ghoulish’ Starmer as he urges Boris to get on with job

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Boris Johnson has been under renewed fire for the partygate scandal, as the Prime Minister recently got fined by the Metropolitan police for celebrating his 56th birthday in a gathering in 10 Downing Street. He apologised to Parliament on Tuesday for repeatedly violating the own rules his government made to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Labour leader Keir Starmer also lashed out at him for “parroting his absurd defences” and reminded him of families’ losses and grief when they were not allowed to visit their sick relatives at the hospital under the government rules. To LBC Presenter Nick Ferrari, Sir Keir is taking his criticism too far.

Mr Ferrari said: “I think Sir Keir now has crossed the line and he’s actually using personal grief too much.

“And also, the Prime Minister has been a complete horse’s ass. Let’s just be candid about it.

“He got it hideously wrong. He has possibly accidentally misled Parliament. He got it wrong.

“He’s in the house that makes the rules, and he broke the rules.

“Just to point out Sir Keir, the Prime Minister doesn’t need reminding about Covid. He nearly died of it. And his mother did die during it.”

Boris Johnson was hospitalised in London’s St Thomas hospital and grew critically ill in early April 2020, preventing him from doing his job.

The Prime Minister’s mother died aged 79 of Covid in September 2020.

Mr Ferrari continued: “So, I don’t know that he needs lectures about how the families have coped with it.

“And if you recall, there was a hue and cry when he was in his office, which rightly was turned down when they realised, he was attending his own mother’s funeral.”

“So, I think, and I say again, Boris Johnson – terrible behaviour, damn stupid, needs a good kicking but let him back into his job.

“He’s got plenty of things to do. Sir Starmer is becoming ghoulish.” 

Boris Johnson’s fine could be the one in a series of fines as the Met Police is investigating a total of 12 parties held at Downing Street.

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He is reported to have attended six of the 12 parties.

Boris Johnson told the Commons on Tuesday that it “did not occur to me then, or subsequently” that he had broken the law, but added that “in all humility, people have a right to expect better.”

A more complete investigation into Downing Street gatherings held during the pandemic is expected to be published shortly.

Civil servant Sue Gray was reportedly told she cannot publish her report until all fines are handed out.

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