Cummings unleashes another bombshell on Boris with new revelations Definitely happened

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In a blog post this afternoon (Friday), the former Downing Street adviser alleged that he and “at least one other spad [special advisor] warned “in writing” that it “seemed to be against the rules and should not happen”. However, the advice was “ignored”.

He added: “I was ill and went home to bed early that afternoon but am told this event definitely happened.”

Mr Cummings commented: “In my opinion the official who organised this should anyway have been removed that summer because of his failures over covid. I said this repeatedly to the PM.”

However, he claimed that Boris Johnson “rejected my argument”.

He continued: “In my opinion it would not be fair for most officials who went to the garden for drinks on 20 May to be punished because, given the nature of the invitation, a junior official would be justified in thinking ‘this must somehow be within the rules or X would not have invited me’.”

Mr Cummings also claimed that on the night he left Downing Street, November 13 the same year, he was “told at the time that there was a party in the PM’s flat the night I left and staff in the press office said they could hear the music playing loudly in the press office below”.

He alleged: “Officials I spoke to in 2021 said to me and others that there were various parties after I left and the PM was aware of them.

“I have also been told there are other photos of other parties against the rules in 2021, some picturing the PM.”

Downing Street was contacted for comment.

More to follow…

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