Dominic Raab stayed on holiday for two days because Boris Johnson ‘told him he could’

Dominic Raab 'should be fired instead of resigning' says caller

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The Foreign Secretary has faced fresh criticism after it was reported he remained on holiday as chaos reigned in Afghanistan. Mr Raab was advised to return home from his holiday abroad on Friday, August 13 – but later agreed with the Prime Minister that he could stay until Sunday evening.

By the time Mr Raab landed in Britain at 1.40am on Monday, Kabul had fallen to the Taliban.

A senior Government official told The Times there was “disbelief” among Downing Street officials.

“Raab was told to come back on Friday,” the official said.

“On Sunday there was a sense of disbelief among everyone at the most senior levels in No 10 that he wasn’t there.

“He seems to have nobbled Boris after he was told to come back.”

However, Mr Raab’s allies said he was told to “begin the process of coming home”.

One ally said: “In discussions with the Prime Minister it was agreed he would come back on Sunday.”

On Friday, the Foreign Secretary issued a statement explaining he was advised to call the Afghan foreign minister on Friday afternoon (13th).

He further insisted the call was delegated to a minister of state as he was busy “prioritising security and capacity at the airport.”

However, the Forign Office later confirmed no call had taken place.

Addressing rumours he should resign, Mr Raab told the Mail on Sunday he had received a “wave of support” rather than criticism.

He said: “I’ve not heard any of my Conservative colleagues call for me to resign, but I have had a wave of support.”

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“There is no doubt that, like all countries, there is a measure of surprise at the rapidity of the Taliban takeover.

“But as the foreign secretary travelling around the world, whether I am on leave or I’m travelling for work purposes, I am always set up to be able to grip things.”

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