Ed who? Lib Dems leader humiliated by speakers Balls blunder Your words, not mine!

PMQs: Johnson mocks Ed Davey on ‘Balls’ mistake

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Prime Minister’s Questions returned on Wednesday as Parliament recess came to an end with Boris Johnson grilled on inflation and energy bills from opposition benches. Former energy secretary Ed Davey was invited to ask his question but was mistakenly called Ed Balls instead, much to the amusement of the House. Mr Johnson mocked the gaffe and said “balls was the word” as the House of Commons teased the Lib Dem boss after his energy grilling.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay mistakenly called upon Ed Balls as Mr Davey rose from his seat who then wished everyone a “happy new year”.

Mr Davey tried to shrug off the blunder, welcomed Lib Dem MP Helen Morgan to the Commons after her by-election win and continued his question.

Mr Davey asked: “People’s already high heating bills are about to jump by over 50 percent with average energy bills rising by nearly £700 a year.

“Gas price rises will push millions more families into fuel poverty – we know many are already afraid to open their heating bills.

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“Does the Prime Minister accept that he could be doing much more than he is doing to prevent millions of people going hungry and cold this year?”

Mr Johnson welcomed Ms Morgan to the Commons and added: “For the rest of what he had to say Mr Speaker, balls was the word.

“You were right the first time, your words Mr Speaker, not mine.

“I simply advice the House to go back over what I have said about all the protections which are in place already.”

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Mr Johnson concluded by pointing out Mr Davey was looking for long-term energy solutions but was the energy secretary during the coalition government.

Mr Davey took the blunder on the chin and tweeted out “Ed Balls”.

The average UK household gas bill has risen by 28.1 percent and electricity by 18.8 percent in the year to October.

Several major power companies have gone bust in recent weeks, forcing households to sign on with different suppliers over the winter.

While the energy crisis is not limited to just the UK, the country’s huge reliance on natural gas means it is feeling the effects much more harshly.

Stockpiles of natural gas have depleted due to weather conditions with higher demands for heating from 2020.

The effects of the demand are still being felt now but global influences are also to blame.

There are also concerns that Russia’s gas exports to mainland Europe will be disrupted, causing further price surges.

China has also started to turn its industry and exports back on meaning demand has increased globally.

The Telegraph reports that government officials are planning on creating £20billion worth of loans to energy companies over the next few years to ensure they do not go bust.

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