Ex-Labour MP Flint ignites fury of Corbynistas as she details why ‘toxic’ party lost

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Former Labour Party MP Caroline Flint sparked a huge backlash online after she attacked her ex-boss, Jeremy Corbyn, on BBC Newsnight. Ms Flint, who lost her seat in the 2019 general election, pointed to Mr Corbyn’s “disconnected” policies as one of the reasons why the Opposition party suffered in December. She was accused of being “extremely bitter” by furious Twitter users.

The ex-MP said: “Some of these policy developments aren’t just about Corbyn, they’re about Labour facing the challenges of today.

“There’s no doubt that Keir Starmer will take policies like the Green Industrial Revolution forward.

“But Keir Starmer is not going to put up with the toxic way in which Momentum, which Owen Jones promoted, developed an anti-Semitic, racist and extremist angry voice within our party that lost us the general election.

“The problem for the Labour Party is that we’ve come out of a defeat in 2019, 2017, 2015, 2010.”

Ms Flint continued: “The last time we won an election was 2005, and the disconnect between the party and our cities and those university towns of middle class liberals and working class communities that dominate in our small towns has widened.

“It’s widened further under Jeremy Corbyn, and there needs to be a way back.

“Yes it’s good to have progressive policies on climate change and economics and so forth.

“But at the same time really understand and listen to those working class values that Jeremy Corbyn actually didn’t listen to.”

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Twitter user Eddie Bennett was furious: “How embarrassing was that from Caroline Flint? Everyone else was to blame for her losing her seat. Nothing to do with her continuous disloyalty, supposedly.”

Thomas James was equally annoyed: “I despise Caroline Flint. She embodies everything that is wrong with the opportunist, careerist and xenophobic right wing of Labour.”

Janet added: “Look at nasty Caroline Flint, the smirking assassin, lying smug.”

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Sam Bell also wrote: “Anyone listening to Newsnight? An extremely bitter Caroline Flint having an extremely bitter rant about Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Jones. Quite sad really. I’m not sure what the point was of having her on the programme.”

However, not everyone was against the MP, as user Derek Kliger defended her take: “The Corbyn brigade still don’t get it, do they? They ruined their party and the country had no option but to vote for Boris. The likes of Caroline Flint are absolutely right.”

Another tweet read: “If Labour were made up of MPs like Flint they might stand a chance of getting elected to Government. The current crop of extremists, halfwits and a leader who stands for nothing in particular will never win.”

James Plumpton-Smythe agreed: “One of the few Labour people who truly understand why they got bummed at the last election. Same old Labour: clueless!”

Even former MEP, Claire Fox, chipped in: “Ouch. Caroline Flint speaking truth to power i.e to those who wielded power in Labour. Inevitably her accurate description of gap between Corbynistas & values of working class, now being denounced on here as appeasing gammon. What? Still not listening.”

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