Flotilla enters River Thames as furious EU super trawler row erupts – Boris urged to act

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Greenpeace activists are supporting the demonstration, handing banners from Westminster and Lambeth bridges which read “No fish, no future”.

This is the first time a major flotilla of fishing ships has protested in the Thames since 2016, when Nigel Farage led several boats in a pro-Brexit demonstration.

Fishermen are calling for supertrawlers and bottom trawlers, which are predominantly based in EU ports, to be banned from British waters in the English Channel and North Sea.

In a statement environmental group Greenpeace warned unless this happens “fishing communities and jobs will disappear”.

Neil Whitney, one of the fishermen on the flotilla, said: “Brexit was meant to save us, but instead we’ve been left high and dry.

“These big factory boats keep fishing in our waters, devastating fish populations.

“There’s nothing left for us local fishermen. We need the government to do what it promised, and ban industrial fishing to protect us fishermen and our fishing communities.”

Martin Yorwarth, another protester who usually operates off the south-coast of England, shared similar sentiments.

He stated: “Fishermen like me care deeply about our oceans.

“We’re custodians of our seas, and we need them to stay healthy to keep us in the job.

“It hurts me to see these huge factory ships and fly-shooters plundering our waters, hoovering up fish, destroying habitats and leaving nothing left for us.

“If our government doesn’t do something to stop the industrial fishing that’s destroying our oceans, then there won’t be another generation of local fishermen like me.”

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