For greater good! Remainer Gina Miller says UK & EU must end faux wars with each other

EU and UK need to ‘work together’ says Gina Miller

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Speaking to LBC, Ms Miller said the UK must strive to “stand side by side” with the European Union and seek resolutions to the fractured relationship following Brexit. She says that, despite leaving the bloc, Britain has not moved geographically and must strive to remove the “animosity” from its relationship with Europe. 

She said: “Scoring political points does not help anybody.

“We are going to have to get to a very different place quickly, we have got the Ukraine crisis on the border of the EU, that affects us as well.

“It affects us all globally…. Because we have got a country that is the fourth biggest exporter of wheat, while we have crops failing in Africa.” 

The Remainer noted: “The EU and the UK have got to find a way to work together for the greater good and goal of our global peace.

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“But also to stand side by side, strengthen a new Nato and have a united voice.”

She went on to call on the two factions to “get rid of the animosity” of Brexit and “face the reality” of the new relationship between 

Ms Miller added: “We have left, we still geographically have not gone anywhere, we have major issues coming down the line be it environmentally, mass movement of people.

“We have got to find a different way of actually working with our neighbours and both sides using political language that creates faux wars does not benefit anyone!”

LBC host Ian Dale joked if she was referring to French President Emmanuel Macron, to which she said she was.

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