Galloway predicts Sturgeon will be plunged into crisis within days – ‘May bring her down!’

Scotland is at ‘critical mass of scandals’ says Galloway

George Galloway has claimed that Nicola Sturgeon may be forced out of office within the next week. Speaking on RT, the former MP said that “things are about to change” for the Scottish First Minister. He said that a “dramatic event this week may bring the house down for the First Minister of Scotland”.  This comes after claims the SNP leader potentially misled the Scottish Parliament. 

Andrew Marr questioned whether the First Minister would resign if the accusations were proved to be true.

The First Minister has accused Alex Salmond of spinning “false conspiracy theories” after he accused the Scottish leader of misleading Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon refused to confirm that she would quit if it is found that she deliberately misled to Holyrood over the Salmond affair.

She told Marr: “I did not mislead parliament, so I’m not going to speculate on what might happen in the future.”

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The First Minister insisted she had not misled Holyrood about her handling of sexual harassment complaints against Mr Salmond, as two inquiries examining her conduct gather pace.

It emerged that Ms Sturgeon may have known about the Alex Salmond allegations earlier than she had claimed.

Speaking last night, Mr Galloway said Ms Sturgeon had “reached a critical mass of scandals and crises”.

He continued: “Things are about to change. I know things that I can’t say here now because of the flurry of legal moves that have been made by SNP leaders to protect themselves.

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“The truth is coming out. This coming week there will be a dramatic event, which may bring the house down for the Murrells, for the First Minister of Scotland.

“She didn’t look too cocky today, if I may say so, on the Andrew Marr show on BBC One this very morning.

“The scandal that is governance in Scotland on any number of issues and crises, this is an omnishambles in Scotland.

“We have reached a critical mass of scandals and crises. The biggest scandal of them all is the Sturgeon-Salmond affair.”


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The inquiry is regarding the Scottish government’s handling of complaints against former First Minister Alex Salmond.

Mr Salmond won a £500,000 expenses payout from the government over its botched investigation.

The government admitted that the proceedings had been unlawful and so a committee was set up.

Both Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond are expected to give evidence at Holyrood in the next few weeks.

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