Gloating Remainers mock tearful Brexiteer for saying Boris deal isnt what I voted for

Woman's impassioned speech about potential pig cull

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Speaking to the BBC last week, Kate Morgan fought back tears as she pleaded with the Prime Minister to take action to avert the pointless slaughter of up to 120,000 pigs. Ms Morgan is among a group of campaigners calling for the UK to introduce short-term visas to fill chronic vacancies in the sector.

She said: “We needed help three weeks ago, months ago.

“The timescale is so critical.

“People are killing pigs now…we personally are weeks away from having to make this horrendous choice, and it will destroy us.”

The issue was later discussed on today’s edition of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Instead of sympathising with Ms Morgan, whose livelihood centres on the farm animals, many Remainers used the dire situation as proof of why she was wrong to vote for Brexit.

One listener wrote in to say: “Can you please ask the pig farmer why she is now complaining about the predicted outcome of Brexit when she gleefully welcomed Brexit?

“Does she now regret her support for leaving the EU?”

Others took to Twitter to slam the woman over the current supply chain crisis – which is notably also affecting countries including America.

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Self-titled socialist Jan Cunliffe Orange wrote: “An ‘educated’ vote based on untruths is not an educated vote, it’s a swindle & high time it was called out for what it was.

“I can respect (that) she made a mistake.

“I can’t respect her idea that her reasoning for voting leave was based on being educated. Where’s this (£)350 million a week?”

Ms Morgan later hit back, telling the show: “I think this is something that came to light on Friday (following her appearance on the BBC) that people like to troll people on social media which is really unfair.

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“Yes I did vote for Brexit but I can assure everybody listening that I did not vote for this.

“I voted for people to be more patriotic.

“I voted for the Government to look after us, to put border controls in.

“There’s a number of things I voted (for).

“I went to a number of meetings, nearly one a week. I was very educated in my vote and I respect other people’s vote and they should respect my vote.”

Last week, a Government spokesman said: “We understand the challenges that the pig industry has faced in recent months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, labour shortages, accessing CO2 supplies, and reduction in exports to the Chinese market.

“We are keeping the market situation under close review and working closely with the sector during this time.“

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