Gone full Jeremy Corbyn! Boris to renationalise railway in massive £25m deal

Grant Shapps says he doesn’t want to ‘undercut’ British workers

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The Department for Transport found during an investigation into LSER, evidence that since October 2014 the company has not declared over £25 million of historic taxpayer funding which should have been returned. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed the deal on Tuesday morning.

Mr Shapps said: “There is clear, compelling and serious evidence that for years, LSER have breached the trust that is absolutely fundamental to the success of our railways. When trust is broken, we will act decisively.

“The decision to take control of services makes unequivocally clear that we will not accept anything less from the private sector than a total commitment to their passengers and absolute transparency with taxpayer support.

“Under the new operator, we will prioritise the punctual, reliable services passengers deserve, rebuild trust in this network, and the delivery of the reforms set out in our Plan for Rail – to build a modern railway that meets the needs of a nation.”

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