Here we go again! Macrons ally Clement Beaune issues Frost warning over Jersey

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Speaking on Sunday, Mr Beaune claimed France will “obtain licences” from the UK, in reference to the spat over Jersey. Ahead of his meeting with Lord Frost on Monday, Mr Beaune claimed France’s resolve will remain, despite the ongoing issues between the two governments. In a statement on social media, France’s EU minister said: “I will be in Brussels tomorrow to continue this essential negotiation for France and the EU.

“Our objective has not changed: to enforce the agreement, to obtain our licenses, to defend the interests of our fishermen.”

France has claimed the UK has not granted sufficient licences for French fishermen post-Brexit.

This sparked a blockade of Jersey’s St Helier port earlier in the year by French vessels.

If further licences are not granted, France has threatened to reduce energy supplies and increase customs checks on UK goods entering the continent.

Earlier this month, the Jersey government issued a further 49 temporary fishing licences.

These licences will last until the end of January in order to allow for further negotiations.

The Jersey government has claimed 162 licences have now been issued to French vessels, both temporary and permanent.

The government also confirmed it is open to further data from French vessels in the coming months.

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France’s minister of the sea, Annick Girardin also warned the UK, the French government would continue to fight the issue.

She said: “We fight every day for these ships, for these licenses, and we will not give up.”

French President, Emmanuel Macron also claimed his government would not abandon its fishermen.

He said on Friday: “We are going to continue to fight, we will not abandon our fishermen.

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“The Commission must protect us. It has to see this through, but it’s moving too slowly, too weakly.”

“If the Commission doesn’t play its part, France will do it.”

Ahead of the crunch meeting, Jersey’s Assistant Environment Minister Deputy Gregory Guida, warned the French retaliation could be stronger than before.

He warned: The French have not finished – it’s not over.

“It seems that they are coming back into the fray in an even more devious way than they did before.

“I think they are coming back to the attack very soon.”

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