Hes getting at the end of the road Boris told time to go as Tories ready to turn on him

Boris Johnson at the ‘end of the road’ claims Mike Graham

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TalkRADIO’s Mike Graham branded Boris Johnson a  “serial liar” as he claimed the Prime Minister has run his course and got “to the end of his road”. Mr Graham refused to cut Mr Johnson some slack as he urged the embattled Prime Minister to raise the white flag and walk away as “nobody” in Britain trusts him anymore having run out of “tricks” to use. A bombshell email was leaked on Monday evening seemingly showing Mr Johnson’s top aide Martin Reynolds invited staff members to attend a boozy garden party at Number 10 in May 2020.

Britain was plunged into a national lockdown by the Prime Minister himself in a bid to contain the skyrocketing COVID-19 infections, hospitalisations casualties when Covid vaccines did not yet exist.

Over a hundred employees are believed to have attended the illegal party which is alleged to have taken place at the peak of the first lockdown in May 2020, when social mixing between people from different households was capped to maximum of two people with a distance of minimum 2-metres to respect.

For Mr Graham, the fact that a Prime Minister could behave in such a way defies belief as he thinks that the damage is now irreversibly done for him to stay on for much longer.

And he doubted that the narrative of his tenure will change this time around as a recent poll shows that a staggering 42 percent of his Tories are desperate to see his back.

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He said: “I think the problem for Boris right now is that nobody takes him seriously, people are convinced that he is a serial liar, there’s a poll out tonight which is being run on Mail Online.

“It’s a YouGov poll, and you know that I am not a supporter of poll generally speaking, but it’s been done with a lot of people, two-thirds of the British public think that Boris Johnson should resign!

“And I am afraid, that’s a big number, similarly, 42 percent of Tory Party Members and Tory voters think that he should resign, Boris I am afraid has got to the end of the road.”

On the other hand, Mr Graham emphasised that Mr Johnson was deeply invested in successfully getting Britain out of the EU and did “a great job” for the country in general which is not to be sniffed at.

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But he suggested that nobody can live off past glories and that he is past his best with “nothing left in the locker”.

He said: “I think he did a great job in getting us out of the European Union, he was a fantastic campaigner for the Tory party.

“He won this incredible, brilliant 80-seat majority but I am afraid, he’s now played the game.

“He’s got to the end of his road, he has no more tricks in the bag, he’s got nothing left in the locker.


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“He needs to understand that people have seen through the acts, thanks very much for whatever you have done.

“He, like all Prime Ministers, they want to go away with some kind of ridiculous legacy that they are remembered for.”

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour party, branded the latest partying allegations “a slap in the face of the British public”.

She said: “The Prime Minister consistently shows us he has no regard for the rules he puts in place for the rest of us.

“Alleged drinking and partying late into the evening [at No 10] when the rest of us were only recently getting one daily walk.”

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