HOPELESS, Nicola! Sturgeon baffles as she gives non-sensical answer in Parliament

Nicola Sturgeon discusses education after inquiry question

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon caused confusion after her answer to MSP Stuart McMillan while in Parliament. Mr McMillan queried the SNP leader on the progress of establishing an independent enquiry into the handling of coronavirus during the pandemic. Ms Sturgeon replied by commenting on the importance of protecting schools from the impact of coronavirus.

Mr McMillan said: “Could the First Minister provide an update on the work being conducted to establish an independent public enquiry into the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland.”

Ms Sturgeon then stood up and gave ger confusing reply on coronavirus in schools.

She said: “We will continue to work across the education sector to make sure that we take all appropriate actions to support the safe return of teaching.

“We will make sure that physical distancing remains in place, face coverings continued to be used and that vaccination continues to be encouraged.

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“There is an opportunity over the next few weeks to really maximise the uptake of vaccinations and use testing to the full extent as well.

“There is a big responsibility on the part of everybody to make sure that everything possible is being done to reduce the risk of outbreaks in the weeks to come.”

Political commentator Conor Matchett took to Twitter to recall the “bizarre” exchange.

In a Tweet he wrote: “Nicola Sturgeon appears to have answered a question from an SNP backbencher asking for an update on the establishment of a Covid-19 inquiry with an answer solely on education, bizarre.”

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Many viewers took to commenting their own confusion and frustration at Ms Sturgeon.

Twitter user allandm1284 wrote: “Didn’t Nicola do that last week, absolutely hopeless.”

While Twitter user Samuel151 wrote: “This is unbelievably inept by the First Monstrosity.”

Twitter user park19940052 added: “So Sturgeon can hear a shout out from the benches but doesn’t listen to the actual questions, just reads her script?”

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Twitter user piltonjambo wrote: “That was fairly bizarre.

“It seems that she answered some other question there.”

While many were critical of the First Minister some did argue it was an honest mistake and that Ms Sturgeon may have simply mixed up her papers.

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