‘I am very angry’ Remainer Lord Heseltine erupts at Brexit ‘trauma’ and says he was misled

Brexit: Lord Heseltine says he is ‘angry’ at ‘trauma’ of situation

The former Deputy Prime Minister told Sky News that he is very angry regarding Britain leaving the European Union. However, he suffered a furious backlash from viewers on social media following his explosive claims. 

Lord Heseltine said: “We have been misled, terrible phrases about taking back control and sovereignty which actually in the modern world means nothing.

“Here we are facing the trauma of Brexit and an even worse trauma of Brexit with a no deal with our biggest market.

“How can you possibly defend that?”

He added: “I am angry, I am very angry because I lived through the trauma of the third of the great European wars which led to the European movement and the view that it should never happen again.

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“I have listened to every Conservative Prime Minister who told us it was in the best interest to end this conflict process that is European history and try and solve or resolve by treaty, law, negotiations, by dialogue.

“Here we now have an aberration where we are going to climb down from our seat of influence in Europe.

“We are going to lose prestige on an international scale as a gateway to Europe.

“And we are going to influence incalculable damage on our economy by severing ties with our biggest trading partner.

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“How can you be anything but angry in those circumstances?”

However, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Lord Heseltine’s comments.

One Twitter user said: “Sky rolling out the dinosaurs. Heseltine is speaking from his mansion in Oxford & he’s ‘angry’.

“Lord Heseltine has benefited from the EU his entire life.”

Belinda de Lucy, a former Brexit Party MEP tweeted: “Listening to Lord Heseltine on Sky. He said the British people were mislead by notions of Sovereignty and control which…..(wait for it) ..means NOTHING in the modern world.

“He said that. ‘Destroying the nation state and all kneel to Brussels,’ man lost in 2016 for a reason.”

Another wrote:  “And when the EU collapses, the UK will be able to sit on the sidelines and laugh.”

A fourth said: “He is a European Unionist to his very core, and his primary loyalty is not with this country.”

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