Ill decide! Speaker erupts at Raabs defence tactics Stop talking about history!

House of Commons speaker makes unfortunate gaffe

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Mr Raab clashed with the Speaker during a tense meeting between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayber. The Speaker intervened in Prime Minister’s Questions to warn Mr Raab against “talking about history” over repeated attempts by the Tory Minister to point to positions held by former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle snapped: ” I hate to say you can’t keep going back for 12 years as a defensive mechanism.

“What we want to do…”

Responding to heckles from Conservative MPs, he roared: “I’ll decide Thank you!

“Deputy Prime Minister please if we could try and stick to the general rules, I have a lot of people ahead of me desperate to get in without talking about history. How far we want to go back is one thing in passing.”


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