‘Influencers going off to beaches is NOT acceptable’ Patel hits out at rule breaking youth

Priti Patel reveals government’s new travel quarantine rules

The Home Secretary told the House of Commons that she is aware that social media influencers continue to show off their locations abroad despite not having an exemption to travel. The Conservative MP added that going on holiday is not an exemption and people should remain at home during this period of lockdown.

Ms Patel said: “There are travel bans in place for countries that are rest listed and that will continue.

“The announcement today will also reduce the number of travelling passengers.

“I do what to emphasis that because people should simply not be travelling.

“We see the examples, I will call some of them out, border force have given me examples.

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“Even at St Pancras people have been turning up with their skis, which is clearly not acceptable.

“We see plenty of influencers on social media showing off about which parts of the world that they are in, mainly in sunny parts of the world.

“Going on holiday is not an exemption and it is important that people stay at home.”

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