Its dead Scottish voters brand expected massive SNP election win the end of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon brutally skewered over '£250M' blunder

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One potential voter was so dismayed by the news he was concerned there was “no hope for Scotland” claiming further “it’s dead”. According to the latest poll taken by Survation for the independent election analyst Ballot Box Scotland, the SNP are predicted to secure 44 percent of all first preference votes. Sitting behind the SNP according to the data is Labour on 23 percent, followed by the Conservative Party on 18 percent.

The figures indicate a significant rise in popularity for Ms Sturgeon’s party who in 2017 won 32 percent of the votes in local elections, marking a 12 percent rise for the SNP.

However, the Scottish electorate is not so jubilant over the news.

Taking to Twitter to vent his fury, Archiesdaddy said: “Survey forecasts SNP’s best set of local election results.

“This is as a direct result of the SNP gaming the system.

“Greens are not real Greens. They’re raging SNP types and ensure nationalist councils.

“There really is no hope for Scotland. It’s dead.”

Fife Wife said: “What poll would that be?

“One designed by the SNP no doubt.

“The people are slowly waking up to how bad the SNP have been for the people of Scotland.

“Hopefully they will lose seats quite a few seats at the next election.”

Speaking of the string of failures the SNP have delivered over the last decade, Ellen Mackenzie said: “More lies and more politely promises that never happen.

“Vote for change, not SNP.

“SNP’s ‘awful’ council election broadcast ‘ignores’ 15 years of Holyrood failures.”

Andy Morrison questioned the SNP election broadcast message.

He said: The SNP election broadcast is a total dirge.

“Imagine being in government for 15 years and having nothing positive to say about your record.

“The Nats build their lies like they build ferries – they just don’t hold any water.”

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Ms Sturgeon has recently come under intense fire over her handling of Scottish island ferry boats.

Speaking in Holyrood, the First Minister openly accepted responsibility for the fiasco seeing the budget set for building new ferries to serve remote islands come well over first predictions.

Ms Sturgeon said she would “learn from the mistakes made.”

On a political basis, the SNP is hoping to lead Scotland into a second independence referendum.

Is the SNP counting its chickens over this election? Will Scotland become an independent nation? Is Nicola Sturgeon the right leader for the SNP? Let us know your views on these questions and more by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

The First Minister has repeatedly promised to hold a new vote, however, recent reports suggesting Russian influence in the process needs to be monitored is causing concern for the leader.

The SNP hope to secure a referendum by 2023, yet Martin Keatings the man behind the “People’s Action on Section 30” court case, has claimed there is not enough time to legislate for, prepare for, and hold Indyref2 before the end of 2023.

Current polls for an independent Scotland show the No campaign in the lead on 47 percent to 42 percent in what may come as a blow to the SNP’s hopes of securing an independent nation.

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